The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Husbands

Christmas is right around the corner, so here’s some hubby-compatible gifts, no matter what type of spouse you have. From tech gadgets, to gag gifts, to beer gear.

1. For the hubby That Likes to Make Stuff – $18.99

This recipe book for hubby-creations is bound to please any SO. As husbands often say, “If they don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”

2. For the Formal Hubby, Who Likes Cool Cuff Links – $195

Compass cuff links? Now that is too cool for school.

3. For a Clean Husband, a Variety of Soaps and Shaving Products – $48

Let’s face it, with a name like “The Man Can,” this collection makes male cleanliness very manly and appealing.

4. For the Fishing Hubby – $9.20

Many husbands love to drink while they fish, so what could be more appropriate than a fish that opens drinks? Perfect for the husband fisherman.

5. For the Grilling Hubby – $189.20

This simple grill makes things easy. Hubbys love to grill, and they love to do it simply.

6. For the Techie Husband With Lots of Cords – $5

This cord organizer will keep cords in order and looking good. A must for the technological SO.

7. For the Cooking Hubby – $18.49

This cutely named book has all the recipes for the simple-oriented chef.

8. For the Hunting Hubby – $30

A hilarious gag gift that says, “Babe, this is the best kind of elk you can hunt.”

9. For the Farting Hubby – $29.95 for a ten pack

A very funny gag gift, but one that might actually work; these fart deodorizers actually work.

10. For the Drinking Husband – $19.50

Whiskey stones make drinking whiskey classier than ever.

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