Netflix vs. Cable: Netflix is Almost as Popular as Cable Among Young Adults

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Netflix is gaining headway with young adult users in the US of A. From adolescents to those in their mid-30s, some 46% subscribe to cable, while 43% opt for everyone’s fave streaming service.

Of course, the study doesn’t say they exclusively use either/or, so this study may, in fact, indicate that this age group is just obsessed with consuming media in general, and that cable isn’t necessarily losing its grip.

Though, from a high of 63% cable subscribers in the older range of 68+, perhaps the youngen’s love for media is actually down.

Then again, maybe the cable subscribers are the same people picking up Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu+, meaning that media consumption on a whole is actually down with the younger age group, and a few fanatics are keeping the numbers high.

It’s tough to say, but the results are interesting nonetheless.

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