Review: Save Baby Pandas With Panda Pop for iOS

SGN, a leading independent game developer, has released Panda Pop, an addicting new free-to-play bubble popping game.

Panda Pop is the sequel to Panda Jam, a puzzle game released in 2012. In the original Panda Jam, the player’s mission was to match and break colored cubes to rescue baby pandas and bring them back into the loving arms of Mama Panda. With the new Panda Pop, players must burst matching colored bubbles in order help rescue and return baby pandas to their worried mother, Mama Panda. Think Snood or Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move.

As the game begins, players are given 35 bubbles to help Mama Panda rescue her baby pandas. If players run out of bubbles, players can either replay the level or purchase extra bubbles for 99 cents. Just like other bubble popping games, a color vine will clear when all bubbles are popped. Players can also swap bubble colors by clicking on the bubble launcher.

Panda Pop immerses players in over 90 levels filled with challenging obstacles, stunning graphics and colorful animations. Fans of Pet Rescue Saga, Snood, or Peggle will fall in love with this highly addicting bubble bursting game by SGN.

You can download Panda Pop from the App Store here.

RATING: 7/10