iPhone 101: 10 Tips to Help Get You Started With Your New iPhone

7. See a Summary of Your Day

iphone weather apps

Your new iPhone provides an easy way to not only see a great overview of your day, but will also show you any missed notification in a feature called Notification Center. To access Notification Center, simply swipe down from the top of your iPhone screen. This will show you all of the notifications you’ve received. Tapping the “Today” tab shows you today’s date, today’s weather, your calendar appointments for the day, calendar appointments for the next day, and stock ticker information. Tapping the “Missed” tab will reveal any notifications you might have recently missed.

You can access Notification Center from your lockscreen, homepage, or within any app.

8. Access Frequently Used Apps & Settings Quickly

iphone settings

iOS7 introduced a new feature called Control Center, which grants you fast access to important settings, music controls, and basic apps.

To access Control Center, simply swipe up from from the bottom of your iPhone screen. In Control Center, you can toggle on or off airplane mode, wifi, bluetooth, do not disturb (calls or notifications), and screen rotation lock. You can also set your screen brightness or music volume. Control Center also provides easy access to your phone’s flashlight, timer, calculator, or camera.

9. Help Save Battery Life

iphone battery life

Your iPhone has lots of default settings that makes using your device easier than ever, but some of these settings drastically drains your iPhone’s battery.
There is a setting called Background App Refresh that automatically refreshes content in apps, even when you are not using them. This continuously drains your iPhone’s battery since it is always downloading data. To modify these settings, follow these steps:

          1. Tap on your Settings app

          2. Tap on “General”

          3. Tap “Background App Refresh”

          4. Toggle off all of the apps you’d rather not refresh in the background

We suggest to keep your Maps or GPS apps toggled on in case you need them while you are traveling.

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