CES 2014: The Valve Steam Machines You Need to Know About

CES 2014 was a memorable coming out party/celebrated unveiling for Valve and their line of Steam Machines. During the PC gaming company’s evening event, Gabe Newell hit the stage to announce the unveiling of a long line of 13 different Steam Machines (there’s a 14th one that got revealed later on).

For all the tech heads and hardcore PC gamers out there who want to know which one meets their specs requirements, we’ve gathered all the info/stats on each one for you in one place.

Here’s all the Valve Steam Machines you need to know about!

Valve's CES Steam Machine Reveal – RecapHere's what Valve revealed at CES 2014: A baker's dozen of third-party Steam Machines of varying shapes, sizes, prices and specs. Here's what they didn't reveal: Half-Life 3. More from Polygon: Subscribe: youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=polygon Check out our full video catalog: youtube.com/user/polygon/videos Visit our playlists: youtube.com/user/polygon/playlists Like Polygon on Facebook: facebook.com/polygon Follow Polygon on Twitter: twitter.com/polygon Read…2014-01-07T02:56:09Z

Alienware’s Steam Machine

CES 2014

CPU: Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU (To Be Announced)
Graphics: To Be Announced
RAM: To Be Announced
Storage: To Be Announced
Price: To Be Announced
Availability: Q3 – Q4 2014

Alternate Steam Machine

CES 2014

CPU: Intel Core i5 4570
Graphics: Gigabyte GTX 760
Storage: 1TB SSHD
Price: $1,339
Availability: 2014

CyberPowerPC Steam Machine (Steam Machine A and Steam Machine I)

CES 2014

CPU: AMD/Intel Core i5 CPU
Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 270/NVIDIA GTX 760
Storage: 500GB
Price: $499/$699
Availability: Q3-Q4 2014

Digital Storm – Bolt II Steam Machine

CES 2014

CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K
Graphics: GTX 780 Ti
Storage: 1TB HDD + 120GB SSD
Price: $2,584
Availability: January 2014

Gigabyte – Brix Pro Steam Machine

CES 2014

CPU: Intel Core i7-4770R
Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 5200
RAM: 2 x 4GB
Storage: 1TB SATA 6GB/s
Price: To Be Announced
Availability: 2014

Falcon Northwest – Tiki Steam Machine

CES 2014

CPU: Customizable
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN
RAM: 8-16GB
Storage:Up to 6TB
Price: $1,799-$6,000
Availability: 2014

iBuyPower’s SBX Steam Machine

CES 2014

CPU: Quad Core AMD or Intel
Graphics: Radeon GCN Graphics
Storage: 500GB+
Price: $499 and up
Availability: 2014

Materiel.net’s Steam Machine

CES 2014

CPU: Intel Core i5 4440
Graphics: MSI GeForce GTX 760 OC
Storage: 8GB+1TB SSHD
Price: $1,098
Availability: 2014

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