Sex With Glass, Google’s New Sex App: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sex with Glass, Glass Sex, Google Sex App

Sharif Maktaby’s app Sex With Glass lets Glass users watch themselves having sex. (Sherif Maktabi)

There has always been a sense of wonder on how effective Google’s newest technology venture, Google Glass, will fare with users. We can’t foresee exactly how functional Glass will be for everyday purposes, or if it will actually have the ability to replace mobile phones all together, but thanks to their newest app release, Sex With Glass, the best place to try out Glass may be in the bedroom.

Sex with Glass sounds terribly painful, but the ideas behind it fits quite well with a niche modern-sex culture of sexting and sending selfie boob pictures over Snapchat. But that’s not all that Sex With Glass is doing right:

1. You’ve Always Wanted to Know What It’s Like to Have Sex With Yourself

Sex With Glass, Google Sex App, Sex Apps on Google

The Sex With Glass App allows you to see what your partner is seeing while you have sex with them. (Sherif Maktabi)

It’s one of the biggest reasons why we record ourselves having sex. In fact Dr. Paul Joannides says the reason why we record ourselves might be because things we enjoy off-camera might feel different and spark a different fetish than without the camera.

The fetish, a form of exhibitionism, isn’t uncommon and is quite normal among Americans. A 1994 study done by Robert Michaels called “Sex in America” found that over 93 percent of men and 74 percent of women enjoyed exhibitionist practices with their partner.

2. Sex With Glass Has Officially Established an App That Is Solely for Sex

We’ve seen so many applications unexpectedly turn into sex apps. Snapchat is primarily used for exchanging nude pics, Tumblr is now a massive hub for storing homemade porn, even Vine runs the hashtag #VineAfterDark for 7-second sex shows.

Sex With Glass is now ‘officially’ the first mainstream app made specifically for the purpose of making sex social.

3. There Is Finally a Reason to Buy Google Glass

Google Glass, Sex with Glass, Google Sex App, New Google Sex App

Rob Marciano at the Golden Globes wearing Google Glass, proving that new technology oftentimes makes for ugly accessories (Getty).

There’s something totally unsexy about Google Glass. Maybe it’s the clunky look of it. Or it could be the odd rimless glasses thing. But Sex With Glass sets a new standard for interactive technology, which makes it somewhat attractive, despite it’s complete attractiveness.

And Glass has been on the track of failure, said Robert Scoble of Rackspace in a HuffPo blog. “These are on our faces and are the most controversial product of my lifetime (and that’s saying something),” he said. “Everyone will compare sales of Google Glass to Apple’s iWatch. That is going to bring a raft of ‘Google Glass isn’t popular’ kinds of articles. Translation: Glass is doomed.”

If Google needed a marketing tactic, Sex will sell it.

4. There Is a New Prospect for Amazing GIFs

Like this one…

Google Glass, Sex With Glass, Sex with Google Glass, Glass Sex, Google's Newest Sex App

Downside of Google Glass (mymiddleleg)

5. Sex Will Become Social

Sex With Glass, Google Glass, Google Sex App, Sex With Google App, Google Glass Sex App

Sex With Glass makes recording sex fun for couples, and more interactive by saving and reviewing videos for later. (Sherif Maktabi)

Gone are the days when sex is private! This may be scary for some, but the truth is that we’ve needed this for a while. Americans have long been focused on sex scandals, so maybe Sex With Glass might change the way we view sexual interactivity. The creators of Pure, an iPhone app geared to finding sex, modeled their entire app of that exact idea. “We believe it’s natural for someone to feel a powerful sense of attachment to a long term partner, while experiencing romantic love for somebody else and at the same time, feeling sexually attracted to a diverse range of people,” their website said.

Sex with Glass will soon be available once Glass gets released, but for those that want to use it sooner, you can request to get their iPhone app beta once it’s released.

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