Baboom, Kim Dotcom’s New Website: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Kim Dotcom was once labeled by the US Justice Department as being responsible for massive worldwide piracy, and he’s now launching his newest website, Baboom. (Getty)

Well known for his piracy battle with the United States regarding former website MegaUpload, creator Kim Dotcom announced today the release of his newest website, Baboom, which is meant to rival the paywalls of Spotify and iTunes, according to Though the full website won’t be launched until later in 2014, here are five things that we know about the newest website.

Baboom, Kim Dotcom new website baboom, Baboom rivals spotify

Baboom’s demo home page

1. The First Album for the Website’s Demo Is, Not Surprisingly, Kim Dotcom’s Own Album

Good times download, Kim Dotcom's album, baboom demo website

Good Times is available for free download via Baboom’s demo.

Good Times is already available on Google play and iTunes, but you can download it for free from the Baboom demo directly. For those who like EDM, or plain irony, the album is worth the price. Though if you want to pay for the album, Baboom points users to paid sites. “My idea is that artists should make their music available for free, and fans should only pay for it if they really like it,” Dotcom said to You can see the music video for his song “Change Your Life” below:

Kim Dotcom – Change Your LifeKim Dotcom: Change Your Life (feat. Laughton Kora) Rhythm & Vines 2014 LIVE. Twitter: @KimDotccom Album: Good Times. Listen on Baboom.com2014-01-20T05:55:06.000Z

2. Baboom Will Not Be Completely Free

iTunes vs Baboom, iTunes vs Spotify, Baboom new demo, Kim Dotcom new website

Baboom will be modeled as a cross between iTunes and Spoitify by having both paid and free content, but also offering free downloads.

Baboom will most likely follow the way of Spotify with paid content being ad-free. “Some paid content will be available free to those who install an ad substitution browser plugin,” reported Ars Technica.

3. Tweeting #Baboom Gets You the Beta Version

Kim Dotcom’s twitter posted for those who retweeted “Checkout Kim Dotcom’s #Baboom at” will receive the beta invite.

4. Dotcom Is Marketing Baboom Heavily in New Zealand

Baboom new website, Kim Dotcoms new website, Baboom music site

The music site will have an extensive marketing campaign including widespread radio advertisements and wrappings on the back of more than 100 buses, the New Zealand Herald reported.

5. We Shall Wait & See if Baboom Actually Launches on Time

Baboom website, Kim Dotcom new website, rival to spotify

Kim Dotcom’s website, Baboom, intends to rival Spotify and iTunes and is slated to launch in late 2014 (

Dotcom has promised launching Baboom in June of last year at his January birthday party, and in November he told the UK’s Wired magazine that he would launch Baboom a few months after his Good Times album release.

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