Samsung Galaxy Glass: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Samsung has filed patent paperwork for “Galaxy Glass,” a Google Glass competitor. According to TechCrunch, the Samsung product could actually hit the open market before Google Glass does.

Here’s what you need to know about this intriguing new product.

1. Galaxy Glass Might Launch This Fall

Samsung Google Glass by nicholasdeleoncirca

The document above is Korean patent paperwork for Samsung’s new product. The document includes multiple drawings of the Galaxy Glass product from various angles.

According to the Daily Mail, Samsung’s high-tech specs could debut in September. It’s been suggested by the Daily Mail and other news outlets that Samsung might unveil Galaxy Glass at the Berlin IFA, which runs from September 5-10 this year.

2. The ‘Glass War’ Isn’t a 2-Company Battle

In the Samsung Video above, the company showcases a wearable device that’s similar to Glass around the 47 second mark. But it’s worth remembering that the “Glass Wars” won’t just be fought between Samsung and Google. Other competitors in the field include GlassUp, which will retail for just $299. Galaxy Glass doesn’t have an official retail price yet, while Google Glass costs developers $1500 (but may retail for less to consumers.) Tech Radar reports that Apple might also enter the fray, based on some Apple patent documents that have surfaced. Another company, Oculon, also plans to compete in this sector.

3. Samsung’s Market Share Is Growing

According to Reuters, Samsung recently set a new smartphone sales record that increased its lead against Apple. However, some analysts think Samsung’s growth could be stronger, a view expressed in the Bloomberg interview above. Still, Samsung’s market penetration could give their Glass product an edge, seeing as many industry experts are predicting that Samsung’s Galaxy Glass will work in concert with Samsung smartphones and smartwatches.

4. The Next Step for Samsung Glass Is Cars & Trucks

Business Insider reports that Samsung has aspirations to use smart glass technology in automobile applications. BI quoted from an interview between a Samsung exec and the Korea Times, noting that the exec believes “The market potential for smart glass is huge” and “Smart glasses will widely be used in cars and trucks.” Wikipedia notes that Samsung has a minority ownership in Renault Samsung Motors (commercial above), so maybe the auto applications aren’t all that far-fetched.

5. Samsung Might Consider Renaming Galaxy Glass


Companies change product names before launch all the time, and for all kinds of reasons. But there’s an interesting argument to be made for changing the name from Galaxy Glass. After all, Google already has a Glass product of their own, and people in the Twittersphere are likely calling the Samsung product a “clone” because of the similar names.

There’s no indication that the Glass product name is a bone of contention between Samsung and Google yet. But considering the fact that the creators of Candy Crush were recently able to trademark the word “candy,” it’s not inconceivable that Google might try and get sole ownership of the word “glass” for their heads-up display product.