The Top 10 Best iPhone Accessories for 2014


Everyone loves their iPhone, but with a little bit of extra dough, you can add fun and functionality to an already amazing device. Here’s the top 10 accessories to have an awesome 2014 with your iPhone.

1. Anker E5 Back-Up Battery Charges an iPhone 3 and a Half Times, $50

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This may not seem like the sexiest accessory, but if there’s one bad thing that happens with iPhones, it’s that the battery fades out and one can’t use it. While these devices can be cumbersome to those unwilling to carry a bit of extra weight, if you carry a purse or have decent pockets, you should be good to go. This is the number one to device to add functionality to your iPhone since when it’s dead, you just plain can’t use it.

2. V-MODA Crossfade M-100s Like Dr. Dre’s Beats, Except Worth The Price, $269

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A lot of people stick with the stock iPhone headphones, and for them, that is a huge mistake. If you want to really hear the fidelity of your music library, these are the headphones for you. Check out this quote from a previous article that explains why the M-100s are so much better than Dre beats:

The M-100 was tuned and created in collaboration with the audiophile community — it was essentially a giant crowd-sourcing project, and because of that, these things sound amazing. Compare Amazon reviews of the Beats with the M-100 and the recurring theme is simple: The Beats are loud and bassy, the M-100 is crisp and clear. These are premium headphones for people who like their headphones to sound like they cost $300. While it’s tough to to out-style the wonderfully sleek Beats, if you’re looking for the best-sounding consumer headphones on the market, these are the ones for you, and of course, they’ll plug straight into your iPhone’s 3.5mm audio jack.

3. MagicFiber MicroFiber Cleaning Clothes (2 Pack) for the Obsessive, the Clean, and Those Obsessed with Shininess, $5.95

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Again, cleaning clothes may not be the sexiest, coolest purchase, but keeping your iPhone snazzy-clean makes you seem like the kind of person who well, has a clean phone, but also, it just looks better. Plus, what’s worse than smudges or marks covering the screen of your $700 device.

4. Eco-Fused Waterproof Case, an Affordable Way to Bring Your iPhone to the Sea, $11.79

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While mankind’s endless march of progress gets us faster microprocessors, higher megapixel cameras, and louder headphones, one might not be so excited about a waterproof case. Still, water is a reality of life (indeed it’s the basis of life), and for $11.79, having absolute water protection on your $700 phone is just plain stupid-cheap. Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, this can range from useful novelty to indispensable savior. On a boat? In the snow? Sea World employee? Look, I’m not saying this is an accessory for anyone, but at such a cheap price, this thing is unbelievably great at what it does — keep your telephone dry. Check out the Amazon reviews for verification that this case does in fact reliably work.

5. Panasonic Earbuds For That Inconspicuous Bass Solution/Back-Up Headphones, $7.53

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Finally, an item on this list that I have _three_ of. Forget Apple’s offering, these are some very solid cheapies to keep around and even use daily. I have three pairs because hey, I lose headphones A LOT. Nothing is better than knowing I have a cheap back-up that sounds very good. The highs aren’t flawless, but the lows are very presents and the overall sound is still pretty good. PLus, at $7 dollars, you can practically give these away to a desperate, sound-craving amigo.

6. Manfrotto Hotshoe LED Light Panel & Case For Enhanced Flash, Video Recording $62.99

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LEDs getting strapped on cameras just makes sense. This offering from Manfrotto, legendary accessory makers in the DSLR world, will turn your phone into a portable, versatile studio. Great for late-night facetiming, recording interviews, and any variety of other uses that require the very decent iPhone camera to perform in the dark.

7.AmazonBasics USB to Lightning Compatible Cable, $13.99

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Look, you need an extra cable. You’re going to lose it, it’s just a matter of time. Nothing is worse than being unable to charge your phone because you don’t have a cable. Plus, this cable (I own 2) is significantly more resilient than Apple’s crap. Apple cables will snag up and the plastic often comes up, but these things feel more like rubber and WILL last longer. Lovely cables, and a must for any user of the iPhone.

8. Anker BlueTooth Audio Receiver, It’s Portable Airplay, on the Cheap, $19.99

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While there are plenty of ways to achieve iPhone’s audio output out of other devices (Apple TV and a long cable to name two), at $19.99, Anker’s solution is tough to beat. Link up your iPhone’s audio output using the simple menu to the left (double click the home button, shift left) and you’ll be able to get some decent audio wirefree. Perfect.

9. Olloclip 3-in-One Lens System for Next Level iPhone Photography, $79.95

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Quit messing around with your iPhone’s dinky photographic power and get the affordable and powerful Olloclip. This pup straps onto your iPhone allowing you to have far more powerful photographs with more depth, and sexier looks. Perfect for those obsessed with instragrammin’ and the like.


10. Otterbox Case for People Who Drop Their Phone Once a Year or Daily Like Me, $24.99

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One of my favorite things to do with my iPhone inside an Otterbox is to just throw it. The fact is, these cases are virtually indestructible. One can drop, step on, and completely wreck this case, and in all likelihood, your phone will be just fine. It’s truly an impressive piece of plastic that will keep your impressive piece of technology safe.

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