Top 10 Best iPhone Apps You Need to Know About

6. ChoiceMap

choicemap iphone app

Have you ever made a decision that you regret? ChoiceMap is an app that will help you make better decisions. The app will ask you to create a choice and compare your options You will then need to rate them based on what your needs are. ChoiceMap will help you through any important decision that you need to make, whether it’s figuring out where you should move to, or what college you should attend. You can even share results on Twitter and Facebook. You can download ChoiceMap from the App Store here.

7. Hinge

hinge iphone app

Hinge is a free dating app that will help you find meaningful connections. Hinge is easy to use, simply login using your Facebook account, and you will instantly be connected with someone who is friends with someone on your Facebook friends list. If you’re interested in one of your matches, click on the heart, or click on the X to pass If you find a match, Hinge will make an introduction. Hinge is available in Boston, NYC, DC and Philly. You can download Hinge from the App Store here.

8. LuckyPennie

luckypennie iphone app

LuckyPennie is a new music community that lets you discover and share music. You can listen to playlists by featured artists, share awesome music, and see what concerts people nearby are going to. You even have the ability to @mention a friend in a wall post. You can download LuckyPennie from the App Store here.

9. Google Play Movies & TV

google play movies and tv iphone app

Google finally released Google Play Movies & TV for iOS. With Google Play Movies & TV app for iPhone, you will be able to stream your existing content, but won’t be able to make any purchases within the app. Streaming video works on WiFi connection, Chromecast compatible, and TV shows are currently available in United States, Japan, and United Kingdom. You can download Google Play Movies & TV from the App Store here.

10. Sunrise Calendar (Update)

sunrise calendar iphone app

Sunrise Calendar is a calendar app designed by Sunrise Atelier, Inc. You can quickly add new events, set reminders, tag location to events, and use Google Maps for directions. Foursquare integration allows you to view past check-ins directly in Sunrise. With the latest update, you can now view Week view, and Sunrise will update in the background. Sunrise Calendar will make your life easier. You can download Sunrise Calendar from the App Store here.

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