Vine Launches Full Web Profiles & TV Mode

Vine TV Mode

Today, Vine announced two major innovations to their micro-length video platform: full web profiles and TV mode.

The full profiles provide Vine users a social networking tool similar to Instagram, allowing users to browse each others’ back catalogues, and to thereby like, comment on, and share their favorite six-second films. Until now, one could only view another user’s vines one at a time, with no simple way of jumping from that video to a user’s full corpus.

Tech Crunch thinks the change was made with Vine creators in mind, allowing the virtuosos of cute baby moments, and time-lapse lung montages a richer platform for their work.

Tech Crunch notes that the new Vine isn’t 100 percent desktop-friendly, as you still cannot take Vines with your webcam, and are therefore still reliant on your mobile device.

TV Mode allows you to stream a Vine user’s back catalog straight through. Which, in the case of conceptual account Bat Dad, can make a user feel lost in a psychedelic found-footage horror film.

Tech Crunch suggests a few improvements for the services, noting the absence of a looping option for Vines on TV mode, and the potential for users to create Vine supercuts if the profile offered a “create list” feature.”

Anyhow, if you have a few seconds, go check this thing out.