Armatix iP1 Smart Gun: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Armatix iP1 is a “smart gun” with a futuristic safety feature. It can only be fired when the owner is wearing a certain smartwatch. Here’s what you should know about this fascinating new development.

1. Armatix iP1 Is a German Gun

The Armatix iP1 is made by a German company. This pistol is a .22 LR calibre, 10 round magazine firearm. The gun is designed to work with the Armatix iW1 RFID smartwatch.

The smartwatch arms the weapon. In addition, the waterproof watch allows for PIN code entry and PIN code management for enabling the weapon. The watch battery can last for a year on standby, and the watch also supports time-controlled weapon deactivation.

2. People Call the Armatix iP1 ‘The iPhone of Guns’

Business Insider has called the Armatix iP1 “The iPhone of Guns.”

Business Insider uses the term “iPhone of Guns,” which harkens back to venture capitalist Ron Conway, who used the very same term after he launched a $1 million prize for companies who create smart gun technology.

‘“We need the iPhone of guns,’ Conway said…’The entrepreneur who does this right could be the Mark Zuckerberg of guns. Then the venture capitalists like me will dive in, give them capital, and we will build a multibillion-dollar gun company that makes safe, smart guns.’”

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3. Armatix iP1 Is Available Now in California

Fox News reports that this futuristic gun is already on sale in California. Fox News reports that the pistol alone sells for $1,399, and the watch retails for an additional $399.

4. The Armatix iP1 Gun Could Inspire James Bond Fans

The Washington Post video above debates the merits of smart guns. The Post argues that this single gun could change the gun industry, simply by virtue of being like the gun used by James Bond in “Skyfall.”

5. Watches Are Not the Only Gun Safety Method Out There

SlashGear notes that a company called TriggerSmart is working on a smart gun system that uses a fingerprint scanner on the grip. Only users with an authorized fingerprint will be able to fire the gun.