Facebook 10th Anniversary: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Soon Facebook Could Have More Users Than China’s Population

According to a recent post on Mashable, Facebook might have more active users than China’s population by 2015, if current trends continue.

Another interesting comparison: according to the BBC, the Catholic Church has approximately 1.2 billion followers worldwide. That’s roughly the same size as Facebook’s active user base.

7. Before There Was Facebook, There Was ‘Facemash’

The year before Facebook launched, Zuckerberg and three friends launched Facemash. The main difference between Facemash and Facebook was that Facemash was sort of like a game of “Hot or Not.”

You can see a dramatized recreation of Facemash in the clip above from “The Social Network.”

7. Facebook Has Ruined Many Marriages

In the recent CNN article “5 ways Facebook changed us, for better and worse,” the author quotes a divorce attorney who says, “I see Facebook issues breaking up marriages all the time.” Facebook might make it easier for people to connect and reconnect, but that doesn’t always bode well for marriages.

An article in the Daily Mail last fall revealed that Facebook “knows you are going to break up before you do.” The article explored the findings of researchers at Cornell, who argued that people who share a large percentage of the same friends on Facebook are less likely to stay together in the long term.

8. Facebook Is in a Buying Frenzy

Wikipedia has a handy table of all of Facebook’s acquisitions over the years. In December, Facebook bought SportStream. In January, Facebook acquired both Little Eye Labs and Branch, a web conversation platform. Wired reports that Facebook offered $3 billion to acquire Snapchat a few months back, but Snapchat declined.

9. Facebook May Have Trouble Connecting With Today’s Teens

For those of us who joined Facebook in our teens or early twenties, it can be hard to imagine today’s teens not using Facebook. However, a recent Wall Street Journal article points out that teens may be less interested in using Facebook. An article on Forbes notes that many teens are more interested in services like Snapchat or Twitter.

That said, a recent Pew Research Center study shows that a significant number of teens still use Facebook. According to Pew’s figures, “73% of all those ages 12-17” use Facebook. However, Pew does note that the average teenager’s relationship with Facebook is “evolving.” Talk about “It’s Complicated.”

10. Facebook Has Grand Plans for Search-Engine Dominance & Artificial Intelligence

Facebook has lofty plans to use the next 10 years to become a direct competitor of Google search, according to Business Insider.

The Huffington Post also notes that Facebook has some big plans in the field of artificial intelligence. One possible application: using AI to transcribe the voice clips people share in Messenger.

In the coming years, Facebook will focus on creating more apps through its Facebook Creative Labs initiative. While it’s not yet clear how many apps Facebook Creative Labs will launch in 2014, one thing is for sure: The world will be watching as Facebook’s new offerings set the tone for the next 10 years.

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