iOS in the Car Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Developers have recently released new images of iOS in the Car, the upcoming technology that will let iOS devices “play nice” with in-car controls. Music, iMessage, Maps, Siri and more will be directly accessible through a car’s dashboard system. Here’s what we know about this much-hyped, highly anticipated Apple offering.

1. 12 Car Companies Want In

Forbes notes that a dozen automakers have signed on to produce iOS in the Car compatible vehicles during 2014. However, additional details about which car models will have the technology are still scarce at this time.

2. iOS in the Car Is a Long Time Coming

iOS in the Car was actually first announced way back at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10, 2013. However, it is only recently that screenshots and additional details have begun to emerge. This is not atypical for Apple automotive products, however. PC Mag notes that Apple’s first automotive offering, Siri Eyes Free, took about nine months to land in Chevy vehicles after it was first announced.

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3. Could Be a Bad Deal for Automakers

In their analysis of the latest sneak peeks at iOS in the Car, PC Mag makes some interesting points about how iOS in the Car would affect automakers. PC Mag’s Doug Newcomb wrote:

“Based on back-channel chatter from people deeply involved the car tech space, the real question will be whether by adding iOS in the Car—and allowing Apple to extend its influence into the dash—it could mean that automakers could be locked out of participating in potentially lucrative features such as search and driver data analytics. “

4. iOS 7.1 Support Coming Soon

As we previously reported, iOS 7.1 is likely to incorporate some iOS in the Car features. iOS 7.1 is expected to debut in March.

5. iOS in the Car Plagued by ‘Internal Strife’

iPhone Hacks and other Apple-centric blogs have reported that the development of iOS in the Car was slowed down due to conflicts at Apple. iPhone Hacks reported that “Apple executives ‘didn’t quite know what to do’ with the initiative.”

It seems like iOS in the Car is back on track now, but this hotly anticipated tech offering isn’t out of the woods yet.