iPhone 6 ‘Prototype’ Photos Leaked: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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What is believed to be an iPhone 6 prototype has leaked on the Internet. Here’s what we know so far about this developing story!

UPDATE: Sorry, iPhone fans. Looks like these pics WERE too good to be true. Mashable is reporting that the “leaked” images were “probably” fakes.

Mashable adds:

“We have finally reached a point at which advanced 3D graphics and Photoshop now render nearly all supposed device leaks suspect.”

1. The Leaker Is Generally Reliable

The Verge reports that the man responsible for leaking the alleged iPhone 6 prototypes/parts is Sonny Dickson. The Verge notes that Dickson has a good track record with leaks, writing:

“Sonny Dickson, who previously leaked an extensive number of parts for both the iPhone 5C and the iPad mini with Retina Display, has posted a series of new photos to Twitter that purportedly feature components from Apple’s next iPhone. The photos show a slim, gray rear casing that resembles Apple’s iPod touch but features the larger flash on the iPhone 5S….with the photos coming from Dickson, there’s a good chance that they’re among the pieces Apple is trying out.”

Mac Rumors adds that while Dickson leaked the images on Twitter, the original source of the images is someone in China. It was the Chinese source who first attributed the iPhone 6 name to the images.

2. Four Images Were Leaked

The images, shown throughout the body of this article as Dickson’s embedded tweets, show the parts from a variety of angles. It is unclear what material was used, but plastic or metal is most likely.

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3. Legitimacy Is Unlikely

As Sonny admits on his site:

“When it comes to discussing rumors, not all news we receive will be 100% accurate. Especially when it comes to the prototype devices we show. Many times, the early models differ from their retail equivalent and some of the features shown may not be available when the device is released.”

4. Bigger Screen, Thinner Body

The leaked images seem to suggest that the rumors about a larger screen size on the iPhone 6 are true. Sonny Dickson notes “The design will be like a cross between the current iPad Air and the iPod Touch. As shown in the pictures below, it will be definitely thinner than the current iPhone 5S. ”

5. Multiple iPhone 6 Models Still Possible

IntoMobile notes that the images do not shed any light on the possibility of two iPhone 6 models. While it has been rumored that the iPhone 6 line might be segmented a la the iPhone 5S and 5c, these leaked case images neither confirm nor deny these rumors.