LG G Flex Smartphone: The Top 5 Reviews You Need to Read

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The LG G G Flex is a curved smartphone. But is this cool phone ahead of the curve, or a misstep? Here are the reviews you need to read.

1. IGN: ‘Form Without Function’

You can see the video version of IGN‘s G Flex review above, but the headline here pretty much sums things up. The reviewers say that while the phone is lovely to hold, it seems like the designers “cut corners.” The display isn’t as nice as the display on the LG G2. However, they praised the phone’s self-healing coating, which kept the phone looking pristine. Overall, however, the review was not favorable:

“It’s big, it’s curved, it’s impervious to scuffing, and it’s sort of bendable — but there’s one thing the G Flex is not: a great phone. While packing commendable specs and exceptional battery life, the G Flex is diminished by form without meaningful function.”

2. Engadget: ‘A Promising Phone, But Not One You Should Buy Right Now’

LG G Flex Smartphone, lg g flex specs, lg g flex reviews, lg g flex best reviews, curved smartphone reviews,


Engadget reviewer Brad Molen praised the LG G Flex for its ergonomic curves and damage resistent, flexible design. However, Molen disliked the phone’s disappointing screen resolution and the fact that it comes with Android Jelly Bean, not KitKat.

Overall, in Molen’s opinion, this phone is simply too expensive for the features you get. Molen writes:

“The idea of a curved device is enough to pique anyone’s interest, but there’s one thing holding it back from mainstream acceptance: the price. Retailing for the US equivalent of $940, this unique handset isn’t for the budget-conscious, and it isn’t going to make your every dream come true either. To most potential buyers, the return on investment is pretty low; it’s high-end, sure, but is it worth paying a $200 or $300 premium just for the shape? “

3. Complex: ‘A Curvy, Overpriced Smartphone With a Sharp Design And Strong Performance’


Complex reviewer Alex Bracetti had high praise for the LG G Flex’s “cutting-edge design, monstrous hardware, and long-lasting power.” That being said, Bracetti disliked the device’s key placement, screen quality, and “hefty size.”

In summation:

“The G Flex is certainly a feat in mobile engineering that deserves props for its state-of-the-art design and damage-proof construction. Dynamic features and strong benchmarks also prove the handset can balance style and substance. Though compromises were made to accommodate the latter, as the weak 720p display blemishes the G Flex’s presence. And sorry, but if there’s any phablet on the market worth dropping three Benjamins on, it’s most likely manufactured by Samsung.”

4. PhoneDog: ‘You’ll Immediately Notice the Difference’

LG G Flex Smartphone, lg g flex specs, lg g flex reviews, lg g flex best reviews, curved smartphone reviews,


If you really want to get a sense of what living with the LG G Flex smartphone is like, you should be following PhoneDog’s 30-Day challenge. On top of their regular review of the device, they are writing daily summaries for a month that lay out how the phone is performing.

PhoneDog also put together a list of 5 things they’d change about the LG G Flex. These include a smaller display, moving the buttons, and making the software current.

Here’s a snippet from the Day 1 review:

“The curved display may not seem like such a big deal to most, but once you start using it, you’ll immediately notice the difference it makes. It’s not anything that someone can sell you on, simply because it’s a visual thing you’ll have to experience for yourself. Outside of that, though, the G Flex is super quick and responsive, and that really stands out. Maybe even more so than the curved display. I’m shocked at how quick it is. Granted, we’ll have to see how it stands up over time, but right now it’s just ridiculously fast.”

5. Mashable: ‘A Poor Start For Curved Phones’


Mashable‘s Pete Pachal wasn’t a fan of the LG G Flex. While he liked the G Flex’s improved visual experience (i.e. lack of glare when watching video outside), he disliked the “strangely grainy” quality of the screen.

Pachal moans:

“This, unbelievably, is how the screen was designed to look. It’s particularly noticeable — and irritating — when anything on the screen moves, like when you scroll or, i don’t know, in every video ever made.

This is beyond crazy. It’s incomprehensible, particularly because LG reportedly collaborated with LG Display — a separate company that’s in the business of building displays of all types and sizes — to create this phone. They’re supposed to be the experts.

The screen quality problem immediately transforms the G Flex from promising oddball to complete fail. A smartphone, particularly one with a big screen, is a person’s primary window into their digital life. Screen quality is quite possibly the most important aspect of any phone or tablet, right up there with touchscreen response. To create a smartphone display that’s fuzzy by default is like building a car with flat tires.”

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