Splashy Fish: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The new number one in Apple’s App Store is a game called Splashy Fish and it’s capturing the imagination of gamers in this traumatic post-Flappy Bird era. Seeing as the Flappy is a thing of the past, developers are falling over themselves to come up with the best alternative. Now it looks like Italian gamer genius Massimo Guareschi has come up with the best one.

Here’s what you need to know about the newest not-Flappy Bird:

1. It’s the ‘Closest to Feeling Like Flappy Bird

The game has been described as the “closest to feeling like Flappy Bird when you play it,” by Touch Arcade. The site also says that the fish feels “floatier,” which may be related to the facts you’re supposed to be underground and the ads on the game are not terrible distracting.

2. It’s Probably Easier Than the Last Version of Flappy Bird

The difficulty levels are similar to Flappy Bird, with reports indicating that the settings are “somewhere in between pre and post-patch Flappy Bird.”

3. It’s Got a Cool Easter Egg

The gameplay is all pretty straightforward. Tapping the screen to make the fish swim, avoiding obstacles, beating your friends highest score, all that good stuff. According to 148 Apps, there’s also a pretty cool 8 BIT sound effect easter egg to discover for the 80s nostalgia gamer.

4. The Game Was Created in Italy

The game was released on February 11 and is the brainchild of Rome, Italy based games designer Massimo Guareschi (above). He’s was previously behind the game Cookie Cutter. According to his Linkedin page, he’s the Co-Founder and CEO at redBit games.

5. Sorry Android Users You Can’t Play

The game is only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch right now, there’s no indication of being made available for Android at this time.

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