Samsung Galaxy S5 Waterproof Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to debut during a presentation at MWC 2014. The latest rumor about this phone is that it will be waterproof. Here’s what you should know about this phone in particular, and waterproof smartphones in general.

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored to Be Waterproof and Dustproof

Digital Trends and other sites are reporting that Samsung’s flagship smartphone is likely to be both waterproof and rustproof. The phone is also rumored to have a metal case and a fingerprint scanner.

It is not known to what depth the phone can survive underwater, nor how long the phone can remain submerged before the waterproofing fails.

2. Samsung Already Has a Water-Resistant Phone

The idea of Samsung adding a waterproof phone to its line of products isn’t far-fetched. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is resistant to dust and water. The phone also has something called “aqua mode,” allowing you to use it at the beach or poolside. However, some tech blogs (including Digital Trends) have noted that the S4 Active doesn’t have a water damage clause in its warranty. Samsung may need to step up the level of water protection in their S5 if they want consumers to be impressed.

3. Few American Smartphones Are Waterproof

While up to 95% of all smartphones sold in Japan are waterproof according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the same is not true of the American smartphone market. Samsung would be smart to capitalize on the growing American desire for waterproof phones, as there are many people who want a waterproof phone to use while camping, while in the bath, or simply because they are clumsy and have a track record of dropping their phones in the pool.

While there are waterproof case options for many smartphones, few American smartphones come from the manufacturer already waterproofed. Some notable exceptions include Sony smartphone models like the Xperia ZR and the Xperia Z1S.

4. The Evidence For Waterproof Samsung Phones Is Stacking Up

NDTV Gadgets has a great post rounding up all the evidence for the waterproof Galaxy S5. They write:

“Some of the taglines on the images tipping the expected features include ‘wet5’, which we expect indicate about waterproof and dustproof features of the Galaxy S5. A recent report emerging from Korea claimed that the Galaxy S5 would be a dustproof and waterproof device. Also, a recent teaser of the Galaxy S5 on the German website of UK-headquartered mobile carrier, O2 showed a smartphone making a splash in the water.”

5. A Clean Phone Is a Happy Phone

TechRadar suggests that Samsung Galaxy S5 users will simply be able to wash their phones under the tap. This is great news for germophobes and average consumers alike. Everyone knows that phones tend to harbor tons of germs. Making a phone that can be washed without fear of damaging the electronics could make smartphone users happier and healthier.

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