Talking Angela Facebook Hoax: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

4. This Is Not the App’s First Time in the Hot Seat

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An article on Product Reviews notes that the recent Talking Angela scare is not the first such hoax about the app. Naked Security had previously reported on a similar hoax back in January of 2013.

Talking Angela was the target of a hoax again not because of any wrongdoing since the first “report,” but likely because the nature of rumors and online hoaxes is cyclical. Facebook hoaxes have a way of re-asserting themselves periodically after the initial rumor has died down.

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Examples of other Facebook hoaxes that have resurfaced multiple times over the years include the “Halal Pork” hoax, the Facebook Privacy Notice hoax, and the Cancer Baby Appeal scam.

In our guide to recognizing Facebook hoaxes like the one about Talking Angela, we note that websites like Snopes can help you determine whether a story is real or not.

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