The Top 10 IT Jobs & Salaries for 2014

6. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Average salary: $132,250+, according to Datamation

Desirable certifications/qualifications: 5-15 years experience in a senior management role. Master’s degree in business or a tech-related field a plus. Well-rounded background in development, networks, and/or security.

What does this person do?: Guides the overall technology and tech product goals for the company. Oversees tech-related interactions with the public and with vendors. Evaluates new technologies to determine if and how they can benefit the company. Often has some public relations or public presentations responsibilities, as is the case with Robert Stephens, chief technology officer for Best Buy (pictured above).

Most promising quote: “Corporate leaders [need] to think about new operating models that might yield further advantage. Here too, many experiments are under way—from new cross-functional roles for data scientists to chief digital officers whose influence extends beyond the four walls of the enterprise.” — Accenture’s Technology Vision 2014 Report

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