Top 5 Best Privacy Apps for iPhone & Android

Here’s a list of the top 5 best privacy apps for iPhone & Android.

1. Ghostery | iPhone

ghostery iphone app

With more than 20 million users, Ghostery is one of the largest privacy tools available for iOS. By adding Ghostery to your iPhone or iPad, you can block tracking from companies you don’t trust. Ghostery will show you which companies are tracking you, and you can decide which companies you want to block or trust. Ghostery for iOS also includes bookmarking cookie/cache clearing, and search via DuckDuckGo.

1 Comment

1 Comment


From the help of leo privacy i can hide my personal pics and videoes.i give it 500000000stars if it is possible….Thanks for my friend tolding that this one is used to locking videos.This app is the best. I suggest u to download this app.

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