Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Apps for iPhone & Android

6. Flixster iPhone | Android

flixster iphone android app

Are you going to the movie theater on Valentine’s Day? Use Flixster to browse box office movies, look up showtimes, and read reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. You can even stream movies from your phone.

7. Vibease iPhone | Android

vibease iphone android app

Whether you travel a lot or you’re in a long distant relationship, Vibease will help save your sex life this Valentine’s Day. Vibease is a vibrator that can be controlled by your partner’s mobile device. To tickle your partners fancy all you have to do is grant them permission through the app which will then give them control on how they use the massager. You can use Vibease while your at home, in the office or miles away. With VIbease, you can create your own vibrations and select sounds to fit your partner’s mood. If you’re into dirty talk, you can chat with your partner, share photos, and you can take it to another level by using video chat. In order for the VIbease app to work you need to purchase Vibease vibrator for $79.99.

8. Uber iPhone | Android

uber iphone android app

If you want to get picked up and ride in style on Valentine’s Day you should check out Uber app.
Uber is an app that lets customers hail an Uber cab directly from their smartphones. Simply register using your mobile phone number, scan your credit card, and a taxi will pick you up at your location.

9. HotelTonight iPhone | Android

hoteltonight iphone android app

Are you looking for a last-minute deal on hotel rooms? With Hotel Tonight, you can save up to 70 percent. Book hotel rooms easily just by using your smartphone.

10. OkCupid iPhone | Android

okcupid iphone android app

If you’re not in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, and you’re looking for a date, you may want to download OkCupid on your phone. You can browse profiles of single members who are looking to get something started, whether it be finding a date, hooking up or finding a solid relationship. Try out Ok Cupid’s crazy blind date feature and you could get hooked up as soon as tonight.

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