When Is Google Fiber Coming to My City? When’s It Going Nationwide?

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Google Fiber offers lightning fast Internet that’s 100 times faster than the average broadband connection. Google recently announced that they have plans to bring the service to additional cities. Will your city be covered? And when will Google Fiber be available nationwide? Here’s a guide that can help you!

1. Cities Where Google Fiber Is Currently On Offer

As of February 2014, the current Google Fiber cities list comprises just three US cities. The cities are as follows: Provo, Utah; Austin, Texas; and Kansas City, Kansas.

Of those cities, only Provo and Kansas City currently have pricing information and actionable information about how to get Fiber. You can click on the link for Austin, but it will only allow you to sign up for future updates about the service in Austin. Google Fiber is expected to be available in Austin by mid-2014.

2. Cities That May Get Google Fiber Soon

In February of 2014, Google announced plans to potentially bring Google Fiber to nine additional cities. These cities are as follows:

Portland, Oregon
San Jose, California
Phoenix, Arizona
Salt Lake City, Utah
San Antonio, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia
Nashville, Tennessee
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina

You can visit Google Fiber’s New Cities page to see a list of the cities and communities in these metropolitan areas that would also be serviced if Google Fiber moved in. For example, Phoenix Google Fiber would also likely serve Tempe and Scottsdale. All told, there are 34 big and large cities under consideration for Fiber.

None of these cities are officially on the list to get Fiber yet, but they are under consideration. Google is likely to announce which of these cities will be next to get Fiber by the end of 2014.

3. Google Fiber Unlikely to Be Offered Nationwide Soon

Currently, Google has no plans to expand to any other US cities. At this time, Google Fiber does not have plans to go nationwide with their service, either.

That being said, there are indications that Google Fiber may be released nationwide at some date in the far future. Forbes says that Google Fiber would cost $140 billion to deploy nationwide. Ars Technica has slightly different figures, saying that it would cost $11 billion over five years to go nationwide. Ars Technica adds that Google would have to spend “four percent of its net worth (spread over five years)” to pay for Fiber to go from coast to coast.

4. Google Fiber Has No Plans to Go International

Over the years, there have been many rumors about Google Fiber extending its services overseas. As far back as 2010, PC Pro reported that Google might come to the UK. ZDNet reported as far back as 2011 that Google Fiber was looking to expand to continental Europe.

Last year, Forbes ran an infographic entitled “If Google Fiber Went Worldwide.” The infographic noted that, at its current rate of expansion, it would take Google over 107 years to roll out its Fiber services globally.

At the present time, Google has announced no plans to bring Google Fiber to Europe, or any other international market.

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