How to Block Unwanted Facebook Posts

Facebook has gotten sneaky with their ads showing up on your newsfeed. So if you’re the type of person who gets annoyed with the constant bombardment of ads, there’s an easy way to hide them from your newsfeed.

1. Go to the DropDown


To the right of every post, there is an arrow that gives a small dropdown. Simply click on the arrow and select “Hide all from…”

Watch the video below by Ken Cook to get a more in-depth tutorial on how it works.

How To Hide or Block Facebook Posts Without – we all have a friend or two, or we are that friend, who posts dozens of status updates, photos, etc., back to back on Facebook. If you are on the receiving end it can be annoying. But what if you still want to "be their friend"? This happens … a lot. Here's how…2012-07-03T18:40:37.000Z
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