How to Watch the All New 2014 HTC One Livestream Event

[This livestream is no longer available]

HTC showcases the metal unibody construction of the all new HTC One for 2014.

HTC will officially debut their new HTC One smartphone on March 25. Excited for the all new HTC One? We’ve got all the details on how you can watch the live streaming event.

The live streaming launch of the all new HTC One will start at 11 AM Eastern Time on March 25. You can watch the launch event on the HTC website, where a countdown is currently clicking away the hours, minutes, and seconds until the event commences.

Many of the details about the new HTC One are still under wraps. HTC has been using the hashtag “#HTCOneUp” on their tweets, which might suggest the name for the new version of the phone might be the HTC One Up. Other rumored names for the new phone include HTC One 2, HTC One+, HTC Two, or HTC One 2014.

The new phone is expected to include a high-quality camera, a 5-inch screen, and launch with Android 4.4 KitKat installed.

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