iOS 7.1 Released: When & How You Can Download It

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iOS 7.1 was released on Monday, March 10, 2014.

Wondering when this update will be pushed to your device? Wondering what makes 7.1 so great? Here’s everything you need to know about the release of this latest iOS update.

1. iOS 7.1 Available Now In ‘Settings’

iOS 7.1 can be added to your iOS device right now. Simply go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. A prompt to download iOS 7.1 should appear. Agree to the Terms & Conditions, and the process of upgrading will begin. The process will take several minutes, so plan accordingly.

Do note that you will need sufficient free space on your device before you can install the update. MacRumors explains that the size of your update download will depend on your current phone settings:

“Users on devices upgrading from iOS 7.0.6 are seeing file sizes of approximately 268 MB, while those upgrading from a beta are seeing larger downloads of 1.3-1.4 GB.”

2. iOS 7.1 Includes Bug Fixes

iOS 7.1 includes a number of bug fixes. These include improvements to battery life and the TouchID fingerprint system. The so-called “White Screen of Death” bug has also been fixed.

3. iOS 7.1 Includes New Features Like CarPlay

One of the most hotly anticipated additions bundled with 7.1 is CarPlay functionality, which is outlined in the video above.

You can learn more about CarPlay here, or read our meta-review of CarPlay technology here.

Other new features include new voices for Siri (Mandarin Chinese, UK English, Australian English, and Japanese.)

4. iOS 7.1 Improvements Benefit Old and New iPhone Models

Two notable improvements in iOS 7.1 include a brand new camera setting which can automatically enable HDR for iPhone 5s users, as well as “improved performance” for iPhone 4 users.

You can read the full list of iOS 7.1 features on Apple Insider.

5. iOS 7.1 Adds New Music Features

The Verge reports that iOS 7.1 is likely to appeal to music fans. Here’s why:

“iTunes Radio has also been tweaked in iOS 7.1, allowing you to search within featured stations and more quickly create new stations based on searches for songs and artists. And for the first time, Apple now lets people subscribe to iTunes Match right from their device, instead of in the desktop version of iTunes. This removes the ads in iTunes Radio, and provides a year of Apple’s scan and match music service.”

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