Moff Band ‘Smart Toy’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Moff is an awesome new kid’s toy. This “smart toy” is actually an advanced piece of wearable technology that lets kids use the power of their imagination. Here’s everything you need to know about this hot new toy.

1. Moff Is a Wristband Toy

As you can see in the video above, Moff is a bracelet that snaps around a child’s wrist. The device interprets the motions of the wrist, and plays sounds based on your actions.

Basically, a kid wearing a Moff can hold a stick, pretend it’s a sword, and the device will make sounds that reinforce that playtime fantasy.

The Kickstarter campaign for Moff has already exceeded its target. Each Moff band costs $49 on Kickstarter.

2. Moff Requires a Smartphone, Is Not Android-Ready


Moff syncs with smartphones using Bluetooth. It works with iPhone 4s and above, as well as iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. Android support is not currently available, but it will be at a future date.

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3. Multiple Movements Are Supported With Moff

Moff × SAMURAI WORKOUT(刀エクササイズ/たかふじ右近) 〜 JapanCulture × Technology 〜PV〜 Japan Culture × Technology 〜 Smart wearable toy 「Moff」( ) × SAMURAI WORKOUT (刀エクササイズ®)by Ukon Takafuji & SAMURAI6( ) Direction/Photography/Edit by TOMOAKI NAKANO Hairmake by Yuka Ikegami2014-03-04T14:07:01Z

You can see a Moff in action in the video above, where it is worn by a “samurai.”

moff, moff band, moff kickstarter, moff smart toy, moff band smart toy, wearable tech, tech toys, kid-friendly gadgets

Examples of Moff sounds/activities that are currently supported include pretend guitar, samurai swordplay, magic wands, driving, tennis, and toy airplanes. Instead of buying new toys, users can just download a new set of play sounds/movements from within the Moff smartphone app.

4. Moff Band Will Be Featured at Wearable Tech Con


Moff is one of the featured exhibitors at this month’s Wearable Technology Expo in Japan. The conference runs from March 25-26 in Tokyo. Moff is actually a Japanese company, though they conduct business online in both Japanese and English.

5. Moff Band Will Be Released in July


According to a production chart featured on The Bridge, mass production of the Moff wristbands is set to take place in June and July of this year. After that, the devices will begin to ship. That means this summer, you can expect to see a lot of kids running around with these little orange bracelets on their arms.