QuizUp Now Available on Android: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Everyone’s favorite social trivia game, QuizUp, is now available for Android devices. Here’s everything you need to know about this insanely popular game.

1. QuizUp Is a Popular Trivia Game

On the QuizUp site, the developers call this game “the biggest trivia game in the world.” The game contains 220,000 questions about general knowledge categories. The game is free to play, and you can play with friends from Twitter and Facebook.

Android Police notes that QuizUp was well-recieved on iOS, where it had a 4.5 rating in the App Store. The Verge adds that the game is currently in the Top 50 for Free Games in the App Store.

2. QuizUp for Android Has Glitches & Problems

The video above compares QuizUp to addictive games like Candy Crush.

QuizUp’s support page has a list of known problems with Android devices. QuizUp writes:

“Because Android devices come in a wide array of technical specs not all are able to deliver the smooth and fun QuizUp playing experience.

Although the game will work on these devices, users on them will not be able to enjoy the full QuizUp experience.

List of devices:

Moto G
Moto X
Samsung Galaxy SII
Sony Xperia Z Ultra (layout & image rendering issues)
Sony Xperia tipi (also known as Sony Tapioca, ST21i, ST21ia)”

3. QuizUp Was Considered a Privacy Risk

Last year, the Verge called out QuizUp for having security holes. TechCrunch also reported on the app’s potential to leak your personal information. The QuizUp developers stated that they would address those issues in a future update. It is not yet known how secure the new Android version of the game is.

4. QuizUp For Android Is Hotly Anticipated

The Bloomberg video above goes in-depth with some of the investors behind QuizUp, and compares the game to Words with Friends.

According to The Next Web, QuizUp is a hotly anticipated Android port. The game currently has 5 million users. There was a four month delay between the game’s initial iOS release and this week’s Android release.

5. There Is Virtually No Difference Between QuizUp on iOS & Android

The Next Web adds that there’s not much difference between QuizUp’s iOS and Android offerings. They state:

“The Android incarnation pretty much replicates the iOS experience to the core, and if you’ve already been playing on your iPhone or iPad – the latter of which launched last month – then there are no real surprises in here.”