How to Check Your Internet Speed


1. Go to


Type in into your address bar. The website’s main page will locate where you are, it gives you your IP address in the bottom left corner and also shows you the closest internet towers which relays how fast your internet speed is.

2. Begin Test


Hover over the “Begin Test” button and it will illuminate yellow. Click on the button to start the speed test.

3. What Do the Different Speeds Mean?


Download speeds differ based on the type of package you subscribed to with your carrier. The fastest download speed in America available for consumers is currently 100 mbps, but this kind of muscle isn’t usually needed for general home use. If your speed is anywhere between 15-25 mbps, you can usually expect some buffering problems if you’re streaming Netflix or YouTube from a number of devices. From 25-50, you can stream videos on multiple devices easily with only a few hiccups in your connection. However, if you’re in a household with a horde of online devices trying to compete for bandwidth, you’ll need anywhere between 50-75 mbps. Upload speeds are important for those who are more active internet users. For example, if you’re constantly uploading videos on YouTube or Vimeo, upload speed is vital and you’ll need over 10 mbps. But for most people, anywhere between 3-8 mbps is fine.

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