Top 5 Android Strategy Games of March 2014

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(First Strike)

Our top picks for the best new and recently updated Android strategy games for March of 2014:

1. First Strike

First Strike – Android Gameplay HDFOR MORE GAMES Download link; Description: Escalation is a downward spiral. A nuclear armageddon is no one's dream scenario. So choose your steps carefully, it's a small path between war and peace. FIRST STRIKE is a great strategy simulation featuring snappy gameplay and an intuitive interface that makes dropping the big one as…2014-03-12T08:49:21Z

Available on Google Play, First Strike was updated on March 11. This new game puts you in the hot seat as tensions escalate on the eve of nuclear war. This game is designed to appeal to fans of global politics.

As an interesting side-note, the makers of this game state that a portion of sales will go toward organizations that advocate for nuclear disarmament. This game boasts gorgeous graphics and nail-biting suspense.

First Strike has a Google Play rating of 4.6, and was published by Feinheit kreativ studio GmbH.

2. Out There

Out There (Android | iOS) – trailer HD | yourapps.infoTrailer gry Out There (Android, iOS) Zapraszamy na stronę po więcej informacji na temat aplikacji mobilnych dla iOS i Androida. Najnowsze recenzje, newsy, poradniki oraz precyzyjna wyszukiwarko-porównywarka aplikacji! Zajrzyj na: yourapps.info2013-12-04T15:11:39Z

Available on Google Play, Out There was just updated on March 18. This game is designed to appeal to fans of painfully, frustratingly tough strategy titles.

In Out There, you’ll need to strategize the best way to survive in outer space. The latest update included a number of bug fixes, which makes the gameplay a lot more enjoyable.

Out There has a 4.6 rating on Google Play. This game was published by Mi-Clos Studio.

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3. War 2 Victory

War 2 Victory Android GameplayPlease watch: "Talking Tom Gold Run Android Gameplay IOS" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Visit for more info on latest games (as well as older games), system requirements, gameplay, trailers.2012-12-26T00:10:35Z

Available on Google Play, War 2 Victory was last updated on March 13. Designed to appeal to military history buffs, this MMO strategy game is set during WWII. The game centers around turn-based combat, and there are tons of different weapons and items you can collect.

War 2 Victory holds a 4.2 rating on Google Play. This game was published by Wistone Entertainment.

4. Colonies vs. Empire

Available on Google Play, Colonies vs. Empire was updated on St. Patrick’s Day. In this RTS game, you can choose to fight for either the Colonists or the British during the Revolutionary War.

Designed to appeal to fans of free games who also hate in-game ads, Colonies vs. Empire is notable for its addictive gameplay and attractive graphics.

Colonies vs. Empire holds a 4.1 rating on Google Play, and was published by Kulfun Games.

5. Throne Rush

Throne Rush Android GamePlayThe lands of Adergran are torn apart by endless sanguinary battles. Unnumbered impostors are claiming their rights for the crown — but who is really destined to be the king? The future of your people depends on you. Put up strong walls around your city and lead your army to battle against your declared enemies.…2013-11-06T21:46:28Z

Available on Google Play, Throne Rush was updated on March 6. Throne Rush bills itself as “The most epic Android game ever.”

In Throne Rush, you get to lay siege to castles and order your loyal knights into battle. This game will appeal to fans of classic strategy games, as well as to fans of more recent titles like Clash of Clans.

Throne Rush currently has a 4.1 rating on Google Play. It was published by NEXTERS LIMITED.

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