Top 5 Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

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The iPad is a great educational tool for young children. Here are some great apps for educating and entertaining toddlers.

1. The Lonely Beast ABC

The Lonely Beast ABC is an iPad app inspired by Chris Judge’s beloved children’s book. This funky little app has gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations of monkeys, robots, and more. If this app looks familiar, it may be because The Lonely Beast ABC was featured in an iPad commercial.

Parents will like this app because it has no third-party ads, no social media links, and no IAP. Toddlers can learn their ABCs in a safe app environment that has plenty of visual panache.

Download The Lonely Beast ABC from the App Store.

2. Dog Story

Dog Story is an iPad app that teaches toddlers and young children all about opposites. Featuring tons of cuddly dogs, vocab lessons, interactive story items, and much more, Dog Story is sure to appeal to kids who love puppies.

This app boasts a “Read to Me” feature so that kids can still enjoy the story in the app, even if parents are unable to read to their kids. The story uses small words, so kids who are learning to read can also benefit from this app.

Download Dog Story from the App Store.

3. Bebot

Bebot is a robot synth app that is suitable for young children. If you are trying to foster a sense of musicality in your kids, this toddler-friendly app is a great choice.

Whether you’re trying to raise a baby Mozart or a baby rock star, Bebot is a great way to get kids excited about making cool sounds. Bebot actually has some serious musical cred, as it has been used by bands like Dream Theater, The Flaming Lips and How To Destroy Angels.

Download Bebot from the App Store.

4. Peek-a-Zoo

Peek-a-Zoo is a charming iPad app that has won a whole pile of awards. Most notably, it won the 2012 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award and the 2012 Stroller Traffic Cribsie Award.

Peek-a-Zoo comes from Duck-Duck-Moose, a group of developers who are also parents. This ensures that their apps are created with a parent’s educational and safety concerns in mind.

In the Peek-a-Zoo app, toddlers and young children can learn about animals, emotions, actions and sounds. This app is recommended for kids between the ages of 2 and 5.

Download Peek-a-Zoo on the App Store.

5. Elmo Loves 123s

Elmo Loves 123s stars the beloved Sesame Street character and all his friends. In this educational iPad app, toddlers and kids can learn the basics of counting.

This Sesame Street app teaches kids how to write the numbers, solve puzzles, and do basic math. The app also includes a number of counting-related videos from the Sesame Street TV show, starring an adorable array of characters.

Download Elmo Loves 123s on the App Store.

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