Top 5 Best RPG Games for Android

4. Arcane Legends

arcane legends android app

Arcane Legends is a role playing game developed by Spacetime Games. Go on adventures with your stable of pets through darkly-lit taverns and majestic forests. Defeat evil and unlock new abilities. During your journey you will find special treasure and gear to customize your character. In terms of games for Android, RPG games don’t get much better than this. This game will appeal to fans of monster collecting games, Japanese-style RPG games, and deep customization. You can download Arcane Legends from the Google Play Store here.

5. Pixel Dungeon

pixel dungeon android app

Pixel Dungeon is a role playing game with pixel-art graphics. In Pixel Dungeon for Android, you will get to explore over 25 dungeon floors, fight fierce enemies, and collect unique items. The game offers 25 different types of monsters, 80+ items, and enchanted weapons. Whether you love classic RPGs or you’re drawn to this game because of its sense of humor and whimsy, this is one title you shouldn’t hesitate to buy. You can download Pixel Dungeon from the Google Play Store here.

Android gamers who prefer to play with a controller should definitely check out the Nyko Playpad Pro. This gaming peripheral works with any Android device with Bluetooth capability, provided it runs at least Android 3.0. The Playpad Pro is a great accessory for anyone who feels limited by touchscreen controls.

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