Apple iWatch Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Apple is expected to launch their iWatch smartwatch in the coming months. Even though Apple hasn’t officially announced the iWatch yet, that hasn’t stopped creative people from imagining what the iWatch will look like. The concept video above showcases one possible look for Apple’s new wearable device.

Here are the most interesting and plausible iWatch rumors that have begun to surface.

1. iWatch Will Have UV Sensors

According to Business Insider, Apple may include UV sensors in the iWatch. These high-tech sensors will track the UV index, and alert wearers if they are experiencing conditions that could cause sunburn. Apparently, these sensors “can also monitor your heart rate and pulse in addition to detecting gestures and proximity.”

The report also indicates that Apple could sell as many as 10 million watches, if the iWatch ships before the end of 2014.

2. iWatch Will Have Advanced Cardio Monitor

The iWatch concept video above showcases a premium iWatch “S” and a lower-cost iWatch “C”.

There is a lot of compelling evidence to suggest that the iWatch will have advanced cardio monitor technology built right in. Apple bigwigs have met with the FDA, and Apple has also made a number of hires that suggest the company wants to release a fitness watch that does more than just check your pulse. Recent Apple hires include a sleep research expert, a wearable medical hardware expert, a fitness expert who previously helped Nike build the Fuelband, and a former R&D person with a background in skin-based health monitors.

If Apple can release an FDA-certified device that can detect heart attacks, in addition to providing a sleek smartwatch design and tons of useful apps, they could create the best smartwatch on the market.

3. iWatch Will Have Curved Glass Screen

Business Insider and other outlets have reported that Apple’s iWatch will have a curved glass display. The technology for creating a curved glass display is tricky, but it would give Apple a smartwatch product that is sleeker than anything else currently available.

4. iWatch Will Appeal to the Fashion Obsessed

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There is some evidence that Apple wants their iWatch to be attractive and fashionable. So many smartwatches that have come on the market in recent years have been panned for their clunky designs, so getting the iWatch to look sleek and modern is actually very important.

Apple has hired two former fashion execs, which may indicate that they want their wearables to appeal to those with a refined fashion sensibility. Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve was hired as Apple’s VP of Special Projects in the summer of 2013. Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, pictured above, was also picked up by Apple in 2013. She serves as the company’s SVP of Retail.

The iWatch could cost you as much as $400, based on a report from 9to5Mac. It’s possible that there will be a range of iWatches or iWearables, which will have a variety of price points.

5. iWatch Will Run iOS 8, Sync With iPhone

It is expected that the iWatch will operate independently, but also offer the ability to sync with iOS devices like the iPhone. iOS 8 is expected to debut no later than the Fall of 2014, making it a natural choice for the operating system on both the new iPhone and the iWatch.

As we reported last year, the iWatch could serve as a gateway for getting new consumers hooked into the Apple ecosystem.

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