Top 5 Best Free Tower Defense Games for Android

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(Galaxy Defense)

Broke, but love to play tower defense? These are the best free tower defense games for Android. While some of these games can feel like a bit of a grind, they’re still tons of fun. Whether your tastes run to medieval or sci-fi landscapes, these awesome TD games are totally free to play. Read on to see which games get our seal of approval. Looking for tips and cheats for your favorite mobile games? Check out our gaming section to get help beating all the latest games on mobile and consoles.

1. Castle TD

Castle Defense TD Android GameplayCastle Defense TD Android Gameplay PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION In this video I show some gameplay from Castle Defense which is an Android app by developer Elite Games. The video was recorded using Screencast Video Recorder, and then edited and rendered in Sony Vegas 12. Description Castle TD: The best stragetic/arcade castle defense ever! Commander,…2013-05-26T01:31:44Z

In the video above, you can see a sample of Castle TD’s gameplay. Check out this addictive, free tower defense game trailer above to get a preview of all the defense action.

Castle TD is a tower defense title from Elite Games. As of this writing, Castle TD holds a 4.3 rating on Google Play. This game has been downloaded millions of times, and features a wide array of enemies. It has very high replay value.

This TD title is worth checking out because it offers “infinite” combinations for upgrades, 15 gorgeous maps, and both a “mission mode” and an “arena mode.” If you like your games to have a lot of variety, this freebie delivers just as much fun as a paid tower defense game.

Find Castle TD on Google Play.

2. Galaxy Defense

Galaxy Defense for Android GamePlayAndroid Games and APP..iPhone/iPad Games and APP videos Galaxy Defense For More Gameplay Videos, Please Subscribe Our Channel: Our Facebook Fan Page, Like it: Mystic droid army invaded our planet. As a commander, you need to hold the last line of defense. Now, all forces are waiting for your orders! Place towers…2013-09-22T05:45:58Z

In the video above, you can see gamevideosTV’s gameplay video of Galaxy Defense.

As of this writing, Galaxy Defense holds a 4.2 rating on Google Play. You act as the last line of defense against an invading droid army. For sci-fi fans, this TD game is a must-play. If you are looking for tower defense Android games that have high replay value, this is definitely one of them.

This game is worth checking out because of its intense gameplay, cool sci-fi feel, and deep selection of challenges and powerful upgrades. This game is addictive, enjoyable, and lots of fun. Whether you’re new to tower defense games or a veteran gamer who’s played every tower defense title out there, this game will challenge you.

Find Galaxy Defense on Google Play.

3. Global Defense: Zombie War

VideoVideo related to top 5 best free tower defense games for android2014-04-09T16:37:55-04:00

Learn about a cool hack for Global Defense: Zombie War in the YouTube video above.

Global Defense: Zombie War holds a 4.3 rating on Google Play, as of this writing. If you love TD games and zombie games, this is a perfect mash-up of the two genres. The game takes place in 100 different cities around the globe, giving this title a really expansive feel. Android tower defense games are a dime a dozen, but there’s something about the zombie element here that makes this game really exciting. There are lots of free tower defense games with zombies, but this is arguably the best.

The sheer variety of locations, weapons, turret styles, and difficulty modes make this tower defense game deeply engrossing. There are also nearly 30 achievements to unlock, which makes this great fun for players who aim for perfection. Unlocking everything will take a great deal of time, which makes this freebie feel value-rich.

Find Global Defense: Zombie War on Google Play.

4. Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense – Mission 6 (without packs / iaps)No one makes a guide without packs, so I made one. I'm stucked on Mission 9, and have stopped trying. So I went back and replayed the previous missions and decided to make some new guides. Things to note for this mission: 1) This will be an easy mission if you use the mapping shown…2012-06-06T09:21:19Z

In the video above, you can see a detailed walkthrough of Radiant Defense mission 6.

Radiant Defense currently holds a 4.3 rating on Google Play. Boasting millions of players and gorgeous graphics, Radiant Defense is ad-free. The game has a cool soundtrack by Kubatko that is definitely going to get stuck in your head.

What makes Radiant Defense so memorable is how intense the gameplay is. Even though the game spans just 15 missions, those 15 missions have 400 waves of alien baddies to defend against. This game is short and sweet, but never easy.

Find Radiant Defense on Google Play.

5. Defense Technica

As of this writing, Defense Technica has a 4.3 rating on Google Play. One unique aspect of this game is the ability to rotate the paths the enemies are taking, which keeps things feeling fresh and exciting. There’s also a card-collecting aspect to this game that is a nice twist on the classic TD formula. Out of all the Android tower defense games on this list, Defense Technica is most likely to appeal to people who don’t generally enjoy TD games.

What makes Defense Technica so enjoyable is is high quality of the graphics. This game looks gorgeous, and it is mesmerizing to watch each wave of enemies roll in. If you have a device that can handle these slick graphics with ease, this game will definitely be your new favorite. It’s hard to believe that a free tower defense game can have graphics this good.

Find Defense Technica on Google Play.

Looking for a Tower Defense game for your tablet? We’ve rounded up five awesome tower defense games for iPad.

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