Top 5 Best Free Tower Defense Games for iPad

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(Spice Bandits)

We round up the best free tower defense games for iPad. These games make the best use of the iPad’s big screen, while remaining budget-friendly.

1. Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles ReviewYou can now find me on Twitch! It's monkey vs monkey for the first time ever – go head to head with other players in a bloon-popping battle for victory. From the creators of best-selling Bloons TD 5, this all new Battles game is specially designed for multiplayer combat, featuring 10 custom head-to-head tracks,…2013-07-29T18:48:18Z

Watch Game Mob’s review of Bloons TD Battles in the video above.

If you’re into TD games, then you’ve likely played a Bloons title at some point. What makes Bloons TD Battles stick out from the rest of the Bloons pack is its robust multiplayer mode. You don’t just go head-to-head, but you can actually choose from multiple modes that suit your unique playing style.

Bloons TD Battles is ideal for TD fans who have tired of solo gameplay, as well as tower defense aficionados who are into deep customization.

Find Bloons TD Battles on the App Store.

2. Spice Bandits

CGRundertow SPICE BANDITS for iPad Video Game ReviewSpice Bandits review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Spice Bandits from On5 and Chillingo for the iPad. Aliens have invaded the planet and are searching for spice, a substance they mine and use for a plethora of purposes. The human race, obviously, isn't going to take this sitting down. So they attack.…2012-02-03T23:52:43Z

Watch CGR’s review of Spice Bandits in the video above.

Spice Bandits is an expansive romp that spans 55 levels, and offers 54 various upgrades to keep things from getting stale. This game focuses on spice-hoarding aliens, making it ideal for TD fans who dig a sci-fi vibe in their games. There is also an online multiplayer that lets you play with seven other people.

Do note, however, that Spice Bandits is designed for online play. All Spice and Experience gained while playing offline will only become available once a connection to the server is established.

Find Spice Bandits on the App Store.

3. TowerMadness Zero

Tower Madness Zero: Iphone App ReviewSubscribe!2009-11-17T02:42:54Z

Check out the YourQuickReviews of TowerMadness Zero in the video above. The review features the game as played on the iPhone, but still gives iPad users an idea of how the game looks and feels.

This game is an oldie, but a goodie. It is updated regularly, unlike some other genre classics available on iOS. The App Store page for this game features glowing reviews from Wired and PocketGamer. If you want a more premium experience, check out TowerMadness HD, which is the iPad version of TowerMadness Zero. It costs $4.99, while TowerMadness Zero is still iPad-friendly, but free to buy.

What makes TowerMadness Zero stick out is its unique visual look. You can play the game from a typical TD “aerial” view, or play in first-person mode instead. Protect your sheep from aliens across 100+ levels, and take advantage of the game’s replay video feature to share your gameplay footage on social sites.

Find TowerMadness Zero on the App Store.

4. The Creeps!

VideoVideo related to top 5 best free tower defense games for ipad2014-04-09T16:39:48-04:00

Watch App Bank’s review of The Creeps! in the video above.

The Creeps! stands out in the crowded TD marketplace because of its unique visual style and unusual story. In The Creeps!, you need to help a little boy defeat the monsters living in his closet. The game is cute without feeling cloying or childish.

The Creeps! will appeal to TD fans who are looking for a game with an unusual visual flair. This game has been downloaded millions of times, making it a safe bet for TD newbies or long-time fans of the genre.

Find The Creeps! on the App Store.

5. TapDefense

Tap Defense [iPhone4]-This Is Sparta – Level42 – EasyKey points: i) Make sure not to ever deplete more than two thirds of the amount of gold you began with at the beginning of any given level, because you need to keep a substantial amount of gold at the end of every turn so that you will get a reasonable interest return. iii) Try…2010-10-23T14:39:37Z

Watch the gameplay video above to get some hints on how to beat TapDefense.

TapDefense is an older title, but it is a classic in the TD world. While the game has just over 40 levels, it remains a challenging title that rewards players who like to experiment with a variety of strategies.

TapDefense lets you use arrows, magic, bombs, and even earthquakes to power your towers. This is a title that will appeal to TD purists and fans of a more stripped down tower defense experience.

Find TapDefense on the App Store.

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