Top 5 Best Google Glass Apps

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Google Glass may not have an app library that rivals Google Play or Apple’s App Store, but this cutting edge piece of tech still has a number of insanely cool apps. If you own Glass, or are just thinking about buying a Glass kit, these are the apps that are certain to entice you.

1. Best Google Glass App for Fitness: Strava

Google Glass Cycling App2013-02-28T11:51:30Z

The video above showcases a bike rider using Google Glass.

Strava is one of the first apps that was ever made for Glass, and it is also one of the most useful. While Glass doesn’t lend itself well to high-impact sports, it is the ideal accessory for cyclists.

Strava lets you keep tabs on your current speed, distance, GPS information, and heart rate. This makes it a great fitness app for cyclists. There is also a version of Strava available for runners. Do note, however, that the limited battery life of Glass may make this app less useful than you might think.

2. Best Google Glass App for Travel: Word Lens

Introducing Word LensNEW: Word lens has now been integrated to the Google Translate app and is not available anymore as a standalone app. Download the Google Translate app: – Android: – iOS:

In addition to being available on your smartphone, Word Lens is also available for Glass. This handy app translates text in real time, making it ideal for travelers who need to comprehend foreign airport signs, maps, menus, and more. You can see a demo of the Word Lens technology in the video above.

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3. Best Google Glass App for Cooks & Foodies: KitchMe

Kitchme : The Future of Your Kitchen and Grocery Store VisitsKitchMe helps people make meals and save money on them (they are part of which also offers ways for you to save money in the grocery stores). Here we talk with Gene Reddick, software architect at and he gives me his thoughts on how cooking meals and shopping for groceries might change…2013-08-23T21:37:29Z

Get an in-depth look at KitchMe in the video above.

KitchMe may be one of the most useful apps on Glass. By keeping your hands free, you can stuff a chicken or roll out cookie dough without getting your grubby hands all over a pristine cookbook. KitchMe lets you search for recipes and get step-by-step directions on how to prepare a dish. And if you take Glass with you to the grocery store, you never need to write out a grocery list again.

4. Best Google Glass App for Movie Fans: Preview for Glass

Glassware "Preview for glass" – recognize the movie image and play its trailer video*Updated on March 10, 2014* Preview for glass is now avaliable to public. Go to now! This app is running on Google Glass, recognize the movie image and play its trailer video. I demonstrated it at the real movie theatre as well :)2014-01-06T07:04:45Z

Above, you can watch Preview for Glass in action.

Preview for Glass is a simple little app that plays previews for upcoming movies. All you have to do is speak a command, look at a poster for that movie, and the trailer will pop right up. Any image of the movie poster will work, including an image on your computer or tablet.

It’s not the most life-changing app on Glass, but it’s still really fun…and it showcases how image recognition could be used in other Glass apps in the future.

5. Best Google Glass App for Business & Students: Glassentation

Glassentation Overview #GoogleGlass #throughglass #GlassAppsGlassentation Overview. Learn more at: getglassentation.com2013-10-20T03:51:10Z

The video above explains how to use Glassentation.

Glassentation is actually a really intelligent use of the Glass technology. Rather than stumbling through a presentation by looking at flashcards in your hand, Glassentation lets you take the info from your cards and put them on your Glass display.

Using this app, you can still reference your notes, but also maintain eye contact with your audience. This app can make your appear more confident during business meetings, or when presenting school projects.

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