Top 5 Best iPhone Apps You Need to Know About


The App Store is filled with thousands of apps, but sometimes it can be difficult to find those hot newly released apps. We went through the App Store and found 5 new apps for you to download and check out.

1. Cyber Dust


Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, released Cyber Dust, a new app that lets you send multiple text messages and photos that disappear after 30 seconds. Think WhatsApp combined with Snapchat. The app makes it easy to have control over your messages so you can have private conversations and send destructing photos. Like Snapchat, you will be notified if someone takes a screenshot. You can download Cyber Dust from the App Store here.

2. Zoute


Zoute Inc. released a public transit app that lets you track bus and subway routes nearby. The app currently supports eight different cities in the U.S. including New York, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland. Zoute provides detailed schedules, real time departure information, and stops within walking distance. You can download Zoute from the App Store here.

3. Reactr


Reactr is an app that lets you share your favorite photos and videos with family members and friends, and you can capture their reaction. Simply snap a photo or record a video, select the type of reaction you’re looking to receive, and the recipient can choose to share their reaction with the sender. You can download Reactr from the App Store here.

4. Google Helpouts


Back in November of 2013, Google launched Helpouts for Android. Helpouts for iOS lets you connect with experts over live video. You can browse a variety of topics including Art & Music, Computers & Electronics, Cooking, Education & Careers, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Nutrition, Health, and Home & Garden. You can even receive notifications when a Helpout is scheduled and you can send instantly send messages to other users. You can download Helpouts from the App Store here.

5. Gusto Email App


Gusto email app makes it easy to organize your email mailbox and quickly find any important photos and attachments with tabs. You can search through filters by keyword, file type, date, and person. Use swiping gestures to reply, delete, mark as read, and flag emails. The app lets you connect to multiple Gmail accounts, and soon you can connect to Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, and Hotmail accounts. You can download Gusto email app from the App Store here.

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