WATCH: StoreDot Technology Charges Smartphone in 30 Seconds

Charging Smartphone in 30S: StoreDot Flash-Battery DemoStoreDot 30S Smartphone charging demo2014-04-08T13:44:57Z

The next generation of smartphones may be able to reach a full charge in just 30 seconds. The video above demonstrates StoreDot’s ultra-fast battery charging technology.

ZDNet explains how StoreDot’s battery technology works:

” Demoing this week at Microsoft’s ThinkNext event in Tel Aviv, StoreDot showed a prototype of a battery using NanoDots — powering a standard Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone — that charged from flat to full in under a minute.

How does it work? The NanoDots cover the tiny ‘cavities’ that cover an electrode found in a standard battery, extending its reactive surface, and allowing its capacity to be increased tenfold. Through the addition of the NanoDots, the electrode becomes ‘multi-function’ — at one end, the electrode stores electrical energy creating a capacitor, and at the other, lets it flow into the battery’s lithium.

In layman’s terms, StoreDot has created a ‘buffer’ that stores electrical current coming from the wall socket over a period of around thirty seconds, then letting it flow slowly into the lithium…

Changing the chemical reactions occurring inside the battery should also improve battery life in long run — allowing thousands of charge cycles instead of hundreds today — while still keeping the same weight and form factor.”

ZDNet adds that this technology will be on sale by 2016. However, it should be noted that StoreDot batteries are about twice as expensive as current smartphone batteries.

Would you buy a smartphone that could fully charge in just 30 seconds, even if it was more expensive?

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