WATCH: Will China Experience a Windows XP Apocalypse?

Windows XP users face the end – China Beat – April 8 ,2014 – BONTV ChinaBON, China, Video, News, Microsoft, Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows XP will end2014-04-09T07:25:27Z

The video above illustrates how popular Windows XP is in China, even after Microsoft cut support for the 12-year-old operating system. Over 200 million people in China still use computers running on XP.

Microsoft is no longer providing security updates for Windows XP, which is a problem for China. Without regular patches, machines running XP are more vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Cyber attacks on China could result in serious economic or security issues for the country.

According to Bloomberg, 70 percent of computers in China run on XP. Bloomberg adds:

“Many of the XP versions in circulation throughout China aren’t legal. Software piracy is rampant there — so much so that Microsoft had to ask four government-owned companies in 2012 to stop their alleged use of illegitimate versions of Office. Microsoft doesn’t advertise this fact, but the company does offer security updates to programs it knows are pirated. With support expiring for all XP-equipped PCs, the fallout could be massive in just a month or so.”

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