WATCH: Heartbleed Security Flaw Explained in Simple English

From Missingno to Heartbleed: Buffer Exploits and Buffer OverflowsBuffer exploits are one of the basic bugs of computer science. They're responsible for glitches in games, for all sorts of viruses and exploits, and any number of technical disasters. Here's the basics of how they work, and a non-technical breakdown of Heartbleed, this week's rather startling attack.2014-04-08T23:31:08Z

The video above offers an explanation of the Heartbleed security flaw that even non-techies can understand. In the video, popular YouTuber Tom Scott breaks down what Heartbleed is, using diagrams and Pokemon references to illustrate his point.

Scott explains that Heartbleed is basically a buffer exploit, which is a common type of error that causes glitches in video games or even vulnerability to computer viruses.

Heartbleed is a vulnerability that affects many of the most popular sites on the web, including Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Imgur, OKCupid, and Eventbrite.

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