Amazon Smartphone: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hot on the heels of the Amazon Fire TV, it looks like Amazon is finally gearing up to ship their smartphone product. The new phone will be Amazon’s first foray into the smartphone sphere, and may be called the Kindle Phone. Here’s what we know so far about Amazon’s forthcoming smartphone…

1. Amazon Kindle Phone Release Date Is Likely June 2014

The Verge reports that Amazon’s smartphone should be getting an official announcement in June. If the Fire TV launch is anything to go by, consumers should be able to purchase the phone shortly after the product gets an official announcement.

2. Amazon Smartphone Comes With Prime Data

BGR, which has filed a number of exclusives on Amazon’s smartphone efforts, writes that the success of Amazon’s smartphone will likely depend on something called “Prime Data.” BGR writes:

“It is unclear exactly what Prime Data will offer users, but our sources suggest that the phone could be an AT&T exclusive and Prime Data may be a monthly data package that includes a certain amount of Prime video and music streaming free of charge. These details have not been confirmed, however.”

Prime Data’s features are likely to be explained more fully when the phone launches.

UPDATE: According to the Wall Street Journal, AT&T is likely to be the exclusive carrier of the Amazon smartphone.

3. Amazon Smartphone Will Have 3D Capabilities

In a report from April, BGR noted that Amazon’s phone will have some 3D capabilities. Several native Amazon apps, as well as select third-party apps, will have 3D functionality. The 3D effect is just one cool feature: users will also be able to tilt the phone to open menus, without having to tap a thing.

4. Amazon Smartphone Runs on Android

VentureBeat reports that Amazon’s smartphone will run a custom version of Android, somewhat similar to what Amazon did with the Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV.

5. Amazon Smartphone Has Cool Specs & Features

The Amazon smartphone will be on the small side. According to SlashGear, the phone will have a 4.7-inch screen. The screen will not be capable of full HD, however.

The same report also indicates that Amazon’s smartphone will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon quadcore processor paired with 2GB of memory.

The phone will have six camera sensors, some of which will be linked to the 3D system, according to BGR. These cameras will track head movements and facial expressions, possibly allowing for unprecedented gesture controls.

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