How To Read Digital Camera Reviews

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With so many cameras on the market and so many so-called experts vying for your attention, it can be difficult to know who to trust and where to look. Camera reviews can be just as complicated to wade through as the products they purport to simplify. When you’re ready to really start digging deep, here are three things you should look for.

Varied Comparisons

What Are the Advantages of an SLR Digital Camera Compared to Smaller Digita… : Photography BasicsSubscribe Now: Watch More: A digital SLR camera has a number of clear benefits over smaller, cheaper digital cameras. Learn about the benefits of a digital SLR camera when compared to smaller digital cameras with help from a director of photography in this free video clip. Expert: Dan Reinecke Filmmaker: Dan Reinecke Series…2013-01-17T11:46:10.000Z

Camera reviews should include plenty of comparisons, not only between comparable models but between different types of cameras as well. For example, a vetted reviewer will include information about both DSLR cameras and compact cameras. In addition to breaking down the reviews to include information that would appeal to any consumer—no matter budget or skill level—a trustworthy camera review will compare specific camera features between models.

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Detailed Specifications

Demystifying Digital Cinema Camera Specifications – Pt. 1 What's in a Pixel?A Talk by Panavision's John Galt and Canon's Larry Thorpe. The "Demystifying Digital Camera Specifications" series © 2008 Panavision International, L.P. and is re-posted under the claim of fair use for educational purposes.2013-04-19T19:39:43.000Z

A camera buff you can trust won’t sell you on one feature alone—this is especially true when it comes to megapixel counts regarding cameras. For example, the number of megapixels a camera has is important, but just as important as its sensor size. In addition to megapixel count and sensor size, specifications of a good camera review should include special filters (such as fish-eye and artistic in-camera editing options), proof-ratings (such as its applicable waterproof, shockproof, and crushproof rating), and other special features (such as image stabilization and facial detection).

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Who’s it for?

DSLR vs. Point-and-Shoot Cameras: Which one is Right for YouDSLR vs. Point-and-Shoot Cameras: Which one is Right for You If you have been looking to buy a camera lately this video will help you decide if an SLR is worth the extra cost and bulk for better picture results. A lot of people feel uncomfortable using SLR controls to take everyday pictures, so If…2011-12-07T04:58:55.000Z

Not all cameras are great for all users. Reviews can often make it seem as if every model will work for any consumer. If you’re looking for a simple point-and-shoot, a review for a Canon 1D X should let you know in the first sentence that this model isn’t for you. If you’re an experienced photographer, you should know right off the bat that the Nikon Coolpix (popular as it is) won’t do the trick. With so many options ranging from customer-intuitive snapshot models to professional or broadcast-quality ones, trust a review that lets you know who it’s written for right off the bat.

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