Samsung Galaxy S5 Active: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Features and Specs — AT&T Mobile Minute | AT&TIn this Mobile Minute, we take a look at the features and specs of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Learn about features such as S-Health and the Activity Zone, great for all outdoor lovers. Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active at SUBSCRIBE About AT&T: A view into how our employees and…2014-05-30T04:01:30Z

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is here. You can learn more about this new S5 variant in the video above from AT&T. Read on to get specifics about the price, release date, specs, features, and carriers that will stock this rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you’re looking to get the most out of your S5, S5 Mini, or S5 Active, check out our video posts on the hidden features and secret tips of the Samsung Galaxy S5 line.

You can buy a new S5 active here.

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Is AT&T-Exclusive

Business Insider reports that, at least for the time being, the S5 Active will be exclusive to just one carrier: AT&T.

BI writes:

“The Galaxy S5 Active is only available on AT&T for now. It’ll cost $200 with a two-year contract. You can also opt for a monthly payment plan that’ll cost $0 down and $27.50 per month.

Just like the normal version of the phone, the Galaxy S5 will have a sharp 5.1-inch screen. It also has a lot of the same features like a heart rate monitor, power saving mode, and 16 megapixel camera.”

But don’t feel too bad for Verizon, as they’re getting an S5 variant of their own. Tech Times reports that Verizon will be the exclusive carrier of the “Electric Blue” S5 model.

Another Samsung phone, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, is also exclusive to AT&T. You can learn more about this phone in our post about the Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone. It is not yet clear what other Samsung phones AT&T will be the exclusive carrier of in 2014, but that exclusivity might give them an edge this holiday shopping season.

2. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Has Similar Features to the Regular S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Review!Here's Samsung's take on an even tougher version of the Galaxy S5 – the Galaxy S5 Active! Designed to withstand even more abuse, this beauty can take a lickin' and keep on 'kickin! Buy from Amazon: Talk about Android in our forums: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: —————————————————- Stay connected to Android…2014-06-27T17:44:06Z

Check out a review of the rugged Galaxy S5 Active smartphone in the video above, which reviews some Galaxy S5 Active specs and features.

Like the regular version of the Galaxy S5, the S5 Active is waterproof and dustproof (IP67 rating). Additionally, the S5 Active has been given a body makeover that makes it more resilient when dropped or scratched. For people who are accident prone, people who work in wet environments, or anyone who just appreciates a quality build on their phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is a smart choice.

The most striking color variant of the S5 Active is the green camo color, which will appeal to those in the military or those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Other colors include grey and ruby red. The only other noticeable change is the “convenience key” (see below).

3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active’s Specs Not Different From Regular S5

The Verge reports that, spec-wise, the regular S5 and the S5 Active share a lot of the same DNA. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing too much when it comes to choosing the Galaxy S5 Active’s specs over the regular S5. However, there is a new key that is quite interesting:

“The previously leaked Galaxy S5 Active is now on sale, adding shock resistance to Samsung’s flagship smartphone while keeping the same specifications: a 5.1-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display, a 2.5GHz quad-core processor, and a 16-megapixel camera inside a water- and dust-proof body with a heart monitor. There’s an extra ‘convenience key’ on the side of the phone that gives you easy access to all the phone’s apps that are related to outdoor activity.”

That “convenience” key is sure to appeal to Galaxy S5 Active users who lead, well, active lifestyles. That one-key access to outdoorsy features would be great for cycling, running, hiking, or sailing, among many other uses.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Buyers Get a Discount on Galaxy Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit First Look and Hands OnSamsung turns the smartwatch on its side and makes it run a few laps. Check out the Samsung Gear Fit! Download Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: —————————————————- Stay connected to Android Authority: – – – – Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: Joe Hindy:…2014-02-24T20:14:21Z

The Verge notes that AT&T customers who purchase the S5 Active will get a special surprise. S5 buyers will get $50 off the purchase of a Galaxy Gear Fit. This fitness wristband and notification system retails for around $200. You can learn more about the Gear Fit in the video above. Samsung has released a ton of wearables in 2014, but the Gear Fit is roundly accepted as the sleekest and most visually appealing.

5. Samsung Has Already Sold 11 Million Galaxy S5 Smartphones

Samsung has sold 11 million Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones. The new S5 Active will add to the number of S5’s sold. In addition to the regular S5 and the S5 Active, another S5 variant is expected soon: the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. The Prime model may have a larger screen and improved specs.

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