Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Accessories

Xbox 360

The Xbox One may be here, but the Xbox 360 is still alive and well.

Now that there’s a ton of great games available on the Xbox 360, there’s also a great collection of awesome accessories that fine tune the system’s progress to your liking. You’ll need to adopt a nice offering of controllers, headsets, carrying cases etc. that will make your life as an Xbox 360 owner a much more beneficial one.

These are the top 10 gaming accessories that need to be in any Xbox 360’s collection!

10. CTA Digital Carrying Case for Xbox 360 Slim/Xbox 360 E and Kinect

Xbox 360 Carrying Case

This carrying case is monstrous in size and worth sticking your beloved Xbox 360 inside of. It’s super durable, it can store 4 separate discs, a Kinect camera and a ton of other chosen accessories that you may have. It doesn’t matter if you have an older model of the Xbox 360 or the Slim one. All that matters is that the CTA Digital Carrying Case will keep your Xbox 36 0consoel safe during travel at all times.

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9. SquidGrip for Xbox 360 Controller

SquidGrip Xbox 360 Controller

Sweating profusely while you’re down to your last life in a heated multiplayer session of your favorite first-person shooter is not a good luck. You can combat this by copping a pair of SquidGrip’s that does away with wet controllers. What makes this controller add-on’s even better is the fact that it provides comfortable gripping action and a durable makeup that protects your pad from smacking the floor. These babies are great for comfort and protection on any Xbox 360 controller.

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8. Elgato Game Capture HD

Elgato Game Capture HD

Livestreaming of gameplay via websites such as Twitch is what’s hot in the tech/gaming world these days. As soon as you hop on YouTube, you’ll spot a ton of channels that features “Let’s Play” walkthroughs of your favorite games. If you’re interested in starting your gaming channel and joining the streaming community, make sure purchase an Elgato Game Capture HD. It lets you record your gameplay without a hitch and it even allows social media sharing options for your vids.

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7. Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset and Amplified Stereo Sound

Turtle Beach Xbox 360

If you’re looking to add a 3rd-party headset for the Xbox 360, you should make sure it’s Turtle Beach’s Ear Force X12 gaming headset model. The earmuffs are incredibly comfortable, the in-line amplifier and bass boost features let you change the audio to your likening and the non-battery powered options make this accessory a must-own. Special kudos to the cool design and added microphone monitor.

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6. ThrustMaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel

Xbox 360 Racing Wheel

You always want to guarantee you always land in the winning pole position for your favorite racing games. Whether it’s Forza or any other Xbox 360 racing game, you’ll have a much better time taking 1st place with the ThrustMaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel. The pedals feel remarkably real thanks to it’s carefully configured resistance. The wheel also feels just right and replicates the experience of driving in your living room quite well.

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