Top 10 Xbox One Accessories

5. Play and Charge Kit

Xbox One Accessories

You’re going to get real tired, real quickly when your Xbox One controllers run out of juice. Stop wasting money on all those AA-batteries. Pick up a few of these Play and Charge Kits so you can always have a backup controller ready for hours of intense gaming. Stick this in the back of your controller and make sure that USB cord is hooked up 24/7. You’ll never run out of fully charged controllers.

Buy it here.

4. Polk Audio 4Shot Headphone

Xbox One Headset

This headset is a bit more special than the other ones on this list since it was birthed due to the partnerships between game designers and engineers. The 1st group knows a thing or two about strong audio in their works of art and the 2nd group has some expertise in how to properly construct a device to take advantage of great audio. This accessory is powerful yet not overbearing on your senses.

Buy it here.

3. Nyko Charge Base

Xbox One Charge Base

If you’re going to keep buying those mega packs of batteries, you might as well keep them fully charged at all times with this Nyko licensed controller charge base. It powers up two Xbox One controllers at once, plus its discreet design keeps it from being an eyesore in your gaming room.

Buy it here.

2. Xbox One Stereo Headset

Xbox One Stereo Headset

This last Xbox One gaming headset is wired, but it feels and sounds great enough for you to get past that whole “hooked-up” issue. It plugs right into your chosen Xbox One wireless controller of choice and there’s no confusing setup to deal with. This is the default headset that most Xbox One owners should keep on deck.

Buy it here.

1. Xbox One Wireless Controller – Titanfall Limited Edition

Xbox One Titanfall Controller

This thing is the definition of beauty, isn’t it? This exclusive Titanfall Limited Edition controller adapts the cool emblems and decals seen in the game. Even though it doesn’t do anything drastically different from the plain controller, it looks cool enough to take teh spot as your main game pad. Pick up the Play and Charge Kit with this one and get the most bang for your buck.

Buy it here.

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