Top 5 Cameras On Sale For Memorial Day

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Canon 70D DSLR Camera

Save $200 through May 24, 2014

• Lightweight body doesn’t sacrifice performance
• Touch screen option on LCD back screen with live view option
• Panorama option does well
• 20-megapixel sensor
• Wi-Fi enabled

• Video mode doesn’t always perform in low light
• Dial for changing functions is small
• Weatherproofing isn’t always waterproof

Buy it here

Samsung WB2200F

Save an additional $30 through May 24, 2014

• SMART-feature enabled for super easy sharing
• Over 500 shots on one battery charge
• 60x optical zoom
• Creative editing options in-camera

• Small sensor (images can be grainy)
• Menu isn’t intuitive
• Buttons small
• No GPS tracking

Buy it here

Sony NEX5TL/S Interchangeable Lens Camera

Save $200 through May 26, 2014

• Interchangeable lenses make higher quality imaging possible
• Point-and-shoot body is lightweight and small
• Exmor sensor allows for beautiful shots in low-light settings
• Wi-Fi enabled
• Creating editing options in-camera

• Autofocus doesn’t always hit the mark
• Battery life can be short, especially if using Wi-Fi or video
• No in-camera flash (have to attach external flash)

Buy it here

Sony Alpha SLT–A99V Full-Frame (Professional) Camera

Save $500 through May 26, 2014

• Dual-detect auto-focus option
• Wide range of zoom-lens options
• Can customize menu and button options
• Ergonomic body design

• Video function isn’t as reliable as other full-frame DSLR models
• Slower than comparable Canon or Nikon models
• Short battery life
• No built-in flash

Buy it here

Canon PowerShot N

Save $50 through May 26, 2014

• Extremely compact and easy to use
• Flip LCD screen for composition ease
• Wi-Fi and SMART technology enabled for easy sharing
• Function that allows burst shot with different settings

• Quirky features can make it difficult if you’re not technologically savvy
• No manual function options
• Manual is lacking important information and is difficult to read

Buy it here

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