Top 5 Best Android Puzzle Games of May 2014

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Love a good brainteaser? These are our top five picks for the best Android puzzle games for May 2014.

1. 2048

VideoVideo related to top 5 best android puzzle games of may 20142014-05-05T13:36:58-04:00

Check out some tips for beating 2048 in the video above.

2048 is a number and logic game for Android. In 2048, you must swipe numbered tiles around the board. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. The goal is to merge tiles until you create a tile with the number 2048.

It is logical, and a good game for helping kids to learn math skills. It’s also fun for adults. This game was updated in late April, making May the perfect time to try out this new and improved version of the game.


  • Builds mental skills
  • Open-ended: You can play after hitting 2048
  • Has a “night mode” option for playing in the dark
  • Multiple game modes
  • Simple to learn, tricky to master

  • Cons:

  • May not appeal to people who hate math
  • Gameplay feels repetitive
  • Some users have reported a laggy game experience
  • For such a simple game, it takes up a surprising amount of space
  • Some users dislike the background music

  • 2. Polymer

    VideoVideo related to top 5 best android puzzle games of may 20142014-05-05T13:36:58-04:00

    See Polymer in action in the video above.

    Updated on May 2 to include improved functionality, Polymer is a fun puzzle game for Android. Polymer bills itself as a “strategic shape-creating game that combines the logic of Rubik’s Cube, the sliding mechanism of Chuzzle, and the creativity of Lego.” If you like puzzle games with a casual feel and beautiful atmosphere, this is definitely a game you’ll want to try.

    Buy it here.


  • Works on any Android device running 2.3 and up
  • Two game modes
  • Lack of point system makes this game stress-free and ideal for casual gamers
  • Everything non-cosmetic can be unlocked without in-app purchase
  • Unique gameplay

  • Cons:

  • May not appeal to puzzle fans with a competitive edge
  • Only six of the color schemes are free
  • Limited music options
  • Graphics could be optimized for various devices a bit better
  • Bomb mode, the best mode, may take some time to unlock

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    3. Cham Cham

    Cham Cham – Android GameplayFOR MORE ANDROID GAMES 75 challenging puzzle levels with infinite hours of game play. Compete with your G+/Facebook friends to find out who is smarter. Cham Cham! the lovable chameleon got separated from what he desires most, candy fruit. Nevertheless, thanks to you there is hope. Guide the fruit to Cham Cham by changing…2014-05-04T02:53:29Z

    Get a look at Cham Cham in the video above.

    Updated on May 4 to address some bugs and graphic issues, Cham Cham boasts 75 different puzzles to beat. In Cham Cham, your goal is to help Cham Cham get to the fruit he craves. However, there are many types of obstacles in the way, so you’ll have to be clever.

    Buy it here.


  • Tons of levels to master
  • Multiple types of obstacles
  • Cute graphics and character design
  • Has a solid user rating on Google Play
  • Comes from a developer known for solid games

  • Cons:

  • Takes up a lot of room on your device compared to other puzzle games
  • You must be running at least Android 4.0
  • Some users have reported freezing/bug issues
  • Gameplay is not terribly innovative, despite being lots of fun
  • May be so addictive, it will sap your productivity in real life

  • 4. Forest Mania

    Forest Mania – Level: 7 – GameplayLike And Subscribe – Inscreva-se e Joinha – Suscribete y me gusta Jogo: Forest Mania Level 7 Origem: Google Play2014-05-04T17:29:53Z

    Check out some gameplay from Forest Mania in the video above.

    Forest Mania is a match-three style puzzle game. Your goal is to help a group of forest creatures to push a caveman out of the woods. This game will appeal to those puzzle fans who like cute graphics and characters.

    Buy it here.


  • Over 100 levels
  • Multiple game modes
  • Fun for all ages
  • No time limit
  • You can disable IAP

  • Cons:

  • Some users have reported crashing
  • Adding Facebook friends is time-consuming
  • Pop-up ads are distracting and annoying
  • Users report lag in benefits after leveraging invite system
  • Some players feel it is too similar to Farm Heroes

  • 5. CSI: Hidden Crimes

    CSI: Hidden Crimes is a hidden object puzzle game that lets you interact with characters from the hit TV show. Look for clues and help the CSI team to solve all kinds of crimes. This game is ideal for puzzle fans who like a bit of plot in their games.

    Buy it here.


  • Written by CSI: Crime Scene Investigation writer Jack Gutowitz
  • Updates regularly with new content
  • Works on any Android device running 2.3 and up
  • Great graphics
  • Challenges your observational skills

  • Cons:

  • May be too slow-paced for some
  • Waiting for evidence to be processed makes the same progress at a snail’s pace
  • Some players have experienced “black screen of death”
  • Existence of energy system frustrates many players
  • Some users have experienced glitches with the energy system

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