How to Watch Amazon’s Phone Launch Event

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Want to watch the livestream of Amazon‘s phone launch event? Well, we’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first: there’s no livestream. If you’re not in the room, you can’t watch in real time. The good news? Even though Amazon isn’t sharing a livestream of their phone launch event, you can still follow along at home or on the go using some other options.

The event takes place in Seattle starting at 10:30 a.m. local time (that’s 1:30 p.m. for our East Coast readers.) Here are some ways you can watch the Amazon phone launch or follow along.

UPDATE: The event is over. The Amazon Fire Phone will be priced at $199 for the 32GB model, and $299 for the 64GB model.

Additionally, the cost of the phone includes a year of Amazon Prime, for free. Normally, Amazon Prime costs $99 per year (unless you know these sneaky tricks to get Amazon Prime for less!)

You can buy the new Amazon Fire Phone right now from Amazon.

1. Watch a Live Blog Stream With Photos and Text

Tide yourself over with this teaser video Amazon released prior to the launch event for their upcoming smartphone.

For most people, the best option for following along with Amazon’s phone presentation in real time is a live blog. A number of reputable tech websites will have press at the Amazon phone event, and they will be sharing their real-time reactions, product info, and photographs.

Some of the best options for Amazon live blogging coverage will include on the ground reporting from CNET, Slashgear, and TechCrunch. In addition, the Verge will be hosting a live blog, and their live blog coverage is generally very entertaining and comprehensive.

Forbes also has an excellent live blog that includes tons of news and info from prior to the launch, which provides a fuller picture of the Amazon phone atmosphere.

2. Don’t Try to Visit the Event in Person

Learn more about the features of Amazon’s phone in the video above.

If you think you can just waltz by Seattle’s Fremont Studios, where today’s Amazon event is being held, think again. You need a ticket to get in (or a press pass), all of which have already been given out.

On the page for their launch event, Amazon writes, “We received an overwhelming response and are no longer accepting submissions. If you have already requested an invitation, we’ll be in touch by June 12.” If you’re not already on the list, you aren’t gonna be able to enter the building.

3. Resign Yourself to Watching the Full Amazon Phone Presentation After the Fact

Phone Arena notes that Amazon fans who can’t be at the event can watch a video of the event after the live launch presentation has concluded. Phone Arena notes:

“Amazon has decided not to livestream its ‘Kindle’ phone event. It will upload a video of the event right after it ends, along with ads and more promo materials, but a livestream to allow for everyone interested to tune in will simply not be available.”

It is not clear if “right after” means within a few minutes, or within an hour or so after the event concludes. We’ll update this post with the link to the video when it becomes available. It will also likely be placed prominently on Amazon’s front page. You can also check Amazon’s YouTube channel for more info.

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