iOS 8: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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iOS 8 was revealed at Apple’s 2014 WWDC event. Here’s what you need to know about the new version of iOS.

1. iOS 7 Builds on iOS 8, Includes Improved Notifications and Messages

There is a new notification center with interactive notification in iOS 8. You can pull down on notification, rather than leaving the app you are in, which makes it faster (and less frustrating) to respond to texts, or “Like” a Facebook comment.

You can also use swipe gestures in your Mail to get better access to your documents or conversations while composing an email.

There is also a Family Share features, which lets you share iTunes purchases.

2. iOS 8 Offers Improved Messaging, Do Not Disturb Feature

The Keynote at WWDC revealed that Messages is the most popular iOS app. In iOS 8, there are a number of improvements to Messages, particularly with group messages. You can see map detail that relates to your location, or add a “Do Not Disturb” setting to a group conversation that is too “chatty.” This keeps your phone from buzzing and annoying you. You can also leave conversations with a single tap.

Additionally, for people who like to use the speech-to-text feature, you can now send actual voice recordings instead of mere text conversions. That’s great news for people who are sick of constantly correcting texts that have been misheard by the phone.

3. iOS 8 Has a Beautiful Contacts Bar, iCloud Drive Sharing

iOS 8 lets you see a beautifully designed Contacts bar. This lets you see the people you have contacted recently in a simple interface, and gives you various options for getting in touch with them.

iCloud Drive makes it easy to work across iOS apps. You can open a photo in one app, move it to another app, edit it, and the changes are saved automatically. iCloud Drive syncs across Macs, and Windows as well.

4. iOS 8 Debuted QuickType Keyboard Feature

In the video above, PC Mag’s Sascha Segan provides viewers with a look at WWDC 2014.

Predictive typing suggestions are now part of iOS 8 with QuickType. The new QuickTime feature is context-based, so it will offer suggestions that make sense based on what you are talking about.

It’s also smart enough to learn your personal typing habits across different apps, offering different suggestions based on who you are talking to. This is a cool feature for people who use the iPhone for both work and play.

5. iOS 8 Includes Health App, Syncs With HealthKit

A single comprehensive picture of your health situation is what Apple’s new HealthKit offering provides. HealthKit works with iOS’s new fitness app, which is simply called “Health.”

HealthKit will let you share info with doctors at certain hospitals.

Check out a concept video from Ryan Gilsdorf that predicted the look of iOS 8 in the video above, and compare it to what Apple actually debuted at WWDC 2014. Which do you like better?

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