Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


In November 2013, Glu Mobile announced its partnership with Kim Kardashian on a new game that would use Kim Karashian’s voice and likeness. Earlier this week, the company released Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on iOS and Android platforms.

Here are five fast facts about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

1. Glu Mobile Inc. Launched Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App on the App Store and Google Play

On June 25, Glu Mobile Inc., a leading publisher for mobile games, released Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on the App Store and Google Play. Kim Kardashian West expressed her excitement for the game’s release on her website and on her Twitter account.

“I’m so excited to launch this game and offer my fans a fun way to experience a piece of my life,” said Kim Kardashian West. “So much of this game – from the outfits to hairstyles to accessories – are all inspired by looks that I love and hand selected. We were able to record and include so much of my natural commentary throughout the gameplay.”

2. Kim Kardashian Guides Players to Stardom


In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Kim Kardashian will guide players’ on their journey to stardom in Hollywood. Players will start off as a clothing store fashion consultant and work their way up and join some of the hottest celebrities on the red carpet. By completing tasks, players will be given new career opportunities, and see what its like to be followed by the paparazzi.

3. In the Game, to Stay Famous, Players Need to Complete Various Projects


From photo shoots to promotional gigs, players will need to make sure they do a great job on each project, otherwise people will lose interest. Players can also increase their stardom by dating other celebrities.

4. Fans Are Addicted to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App

5. Watch Kim Kardashian Mobile Game Trailer Now

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you can check it out here. The star released her video game trailer on June 18th on her Instagram. What do you think of the trailer? Will you be playing her new game?

You can download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood from the Google Play Store here.
You can download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood from the App Store here.


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What happens when you click not yet on a project call saying you can start the project now,will you lose the bonus star?


Nothing, this is simply giving the option to come back later and do it.


You call them for a date like normal then click break up.

Jill Karen

thank you for the unlimited stars/energy/cash hack Emily. Worked for me.

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